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  1. Default Just got some birds 2 weeks ago.

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    I got some budgies a couple of weeks ago for my birthday. My house is starting to become a zoo. I like birds they are fun too have and fun to watch. My two little boys like them, especialy my 4 year old. He has claimed them as his.

    I have to get pictures of them uploaded so you can see them.

    I like the sounds of birds cherping. Some times they make a heck of a lot of noise in the early morning.

    I am having a rough time taming the blue budgie though he is very timmid still. The yellow and green one will sit on my finger. I have had the yellow one eat out of my hand. I had budgies years ago, they do make good pets just like fish. With birds you can hold them without taking there slime coat off.

  2. Default

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    have always been into birds myself.

    used to breed budgies, canaries, cockatiels, finches etc. when i was younger.

    Would love another cockatiel at some stage to tame but will have to wait until we move house and my little girl gets up a bit.

    Give that other little bird some time and with patience and persistance it will come around and start to trust you

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    Congrats on the budgies. The ones available from the pet stores are 'iffy' (inbred, poorly bred, not culled properly, etc.). I've inherited my daughter's two budgies (about 8 years old now)...the one is a sweetheart...steps up, is friendly...

    The other is psychotic...we just ignore her...and it's much better that way (less stressful) for her, and for us, lol.

    Some birds will not tame...and that's okay too...
    55 g Goldfish Tank - 3 Fancies, 2 Comets
    25 g Tropical Tank - Celestial Pearl Danio/Mixed

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    Some will also bond to only the other bird when you have two. I had two white cockatiels that come to me as adults. They were meanier than heck and I had to put on a glove to feed them. I ended up giving them away along with their $100 cage.

  5. Default

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    I had my birds one at a time in the basement beside the big fish tank. It seemed jittery at first and then it calmed down. It pooped on me twice but it was chewing on my hair when he climbed up on my shoulder. I just have to spend time with the birds when I come home from shift at night at least it is less hectic. The blue one still is really jittery and is always puffed when I go around it. I have had budgies before and I have never seen one be that scared. He is at least sitting on me now, but he also bites. He bit me so hard it hurt alot I almost wanted to bite him back for that. He must be spooked of me for some reason, but why I can't say I have treated each bird the same.

  6. Default

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    If you've only had them for two weeks, then you can't expect them to have made too much progress yet. The key its to work with them every day, for as much time as you have available.

    If the one bites really hard, there is a chance that it is a girl. Boys can bite too, but they usually bite softer. It may be tempting to stop working with the biting one, but if you are patient, you should be able to get past that stage. Just don't react or get all excited when it bites, or it will make a game out of it, to see your reaction. (It can be very hard to stay calm and quiet- but try to ignore the biting.)

    There are some good budgie forums out there. Have you found any yet?

  7. Default

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    +1 to Finnie.

    Each bird has its own personality. Some will trust you alot quicker than others and sometimes birds that are caged together have a tendancy to stay that more "wild" unless you put in a good amount of time and effort into working with them and breaking that mentality.

    It really is a game of being patient and stick at it and not reacting when they take a lunge at you. Thats their defence mechanism and if you pull away then they see it as a way to get you to back off.

    They will soon get the idea that its not worth the effort and much more enjoyable for them and you to let you near them and give them effection. small treats can also help to reward them and calm them when you are trying to tame and train etc.

    1 thing i would say is, if you are trying to handle them while in their cage some birds dont like that at all. they see the cage as their safety net and will be much easier to tame when they come out of the cage. try and let them come out first of all it makes them feel less threatened and they still have their cage to retreat to and feel safe.

  8. Default

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    This weekend I have been working with them a lot and the green one sits on my finger and is becoming more tame. The blue one is following now. The green one does small chirps and is starting to nibble at me. They still don'want to eat fresh vegetables yet. They are also sitting on my shoulder now, which is huge progress. I am still having trouble naming the birds.

  9. Default Here are some photos.

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    I hope you like the photos.

  10. Default

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    Your starting to see the rewards of a bit if patience and persistence. Keep at it.

    Try some fresh grass. Mine used to love it!
    Also apples sometimes go down well.

    Lovely birds.

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