So, I will be moving my eel and puffer to another tank. It is just safer that way. That also means that the tank they are in will only have 3 archers in it. Full grown microleps, so they are about 6-8". Its a 225G tank, so plenty of space for some medium sized fish.

Kept at low end brackish in between SG 1.0005 and 1.0014.

Nothing can be under 2.5" as the archers have huge mouths, an I want to keep it below 18" when full grown.

So far I am considering-

Dragon Goby
Rope fish(more than 18" I know but its an exception)
columbian catfish
Knight goby
anableps (hard to find around here and very expensive)
Banjo catfish

Any other mediumish sized brackish fish you know of?