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  1. Smile Pond Fish Going CRAZY

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    Hey all who read, I'm generally new to pond fish although i have kept fish most my life just in tanks. i have 3 types of goldfish in my newly built raised pond Common/Fantail/Calico, now i have never seen any fish in any situation act in a manner as this. Every fish all of them are racing around the pond beating each other, they are not picking on single fish and beating but just totally aggressive towards each other.

    I have just today had to treat the water for fungal infection i had on a couple of fish.... i did think i may have had white-spot as a few were thrashing against objects. but i just really don't know whats going on as I've said i really have never seen behavior like this. I'm going to try get a video to upload and attach if possible.

    plz any advice or comments welcome.

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    You said you recently set the pond up but did you cycle it? Ponds need to be cycled just like fish tanks. Fish have been known to try to escape from uncycled conditions and I wonder if they could be doing something like that to get out of their situation.

    I will move this to the pond part of the forum for our pond people to help you.

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    hey ty for quick response, yes it's been about 2 months now complete and i have had to do 2 20% water change as the bacterial bloom was so large. and here is a vid i just took of them going crazy.

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    I just read Commons and Fantails should not be kept together.

    I would do a much larger water. If it is ammonia, it could be burning them causing discomfort and agitation.

    Post the vid on YouTube if you can and then put the link here.
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 08-04-2012 at 10:07 AM.

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    hmm strange having trouble with the upload of the Vid, yes at one point i did think it come be ammonia burning but i treated for that last week and tested ph but coming out between 7.1/7.4. i also have a large UV filtration kit which as i understand is larger than i really need. it pumps around 4500 L/ph

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    just uploading atm to y/tube taking awhile for some reason only 138mb file

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    20 gallons of water isn't much of a water change for a pond. I change more than that every week on my 55 gallon fish tanks and they're cycled. But water changes are easy and quick and if it helps at all, I sure would try it just incase of ammonia. If it's been cycling, then it will also have high nitrites and nitrates.

    What size is this pond? You may have to move the little fantail if the common gets aggressive with him, too.

    We do have pond people here altho most of them are probably sleeping right now. It's 6 AM and I'm only here because I was too dumb to go to bed 6 hours ago.

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    haha lol, sorry i must have miss typed i said i have done 2 20 percent water changes in 2/3 months and the approx size of the pond is 2500/2700 liters or more. the pond is 2 meters wide 5ft deep semi circle shape it's quite large. and here is the vid link

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