I bought 5 'Red head Severums' from a local 'know nothing' LFS today, they look like generic small natural coloured severums at the mo, yellow anal fin, black and grey pattern, few spots.

None have facial markings yet, they are about 1"

Anyway, are these going to grow into Rotkeil Severums or are they something different again? i have had Rotkeils before, i bought them from the net, but never seen them in a lfs before, in one of the other lfs's i have seen 'Orange Shoulder Severums - Heros Appendiculatus' which look nothing like Rotkeils but have an orange shoulder and are much bigger adult sizes.

Anyway, any idea? its pointless me putting up a pic because they just look like small green Severums but with darker stress bars and a yellow anal fin instead of orangey red.

He has 8 vertical bars, i noticed Greens normally have 9