Im thinking of adding a snail to my tank and I need a bit of general info from you knowledgable AC folk.

I've had hydras which I've now got rid of but I've read a couple of types of snail can eat them so thought they could be a good idea to prevent or reduce the problem in future.

I'm looking at either a red ramshorn or an asolene spixi.

My questions are:

1) Should I quarantine the snail to avoid it bringing parasites such as nematodes into my tank/fish.

2) If I quarantine would a small bowl/tank be ok and would it need a heater/filter.

3) How long should I quarantine it.

4) Which of the two would be least likely to eat my plants.

5) My tank is not fully cycled would this be a problem for a snail (the bladder snails that hitchiked in seemed fine).

If anyone has any other info or personal opinions I'd be interested to know as it will be the first snail I intentionally put in the tank.