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    Dragon goby is brackish but can adapt to freshwater. I would suggest not getting one. Other than that your stocking doesn't sound too bad. Just make sure to have the corys and ottos in schools of at least 6 preferably more.

    I would also add a school of small tetras or harlequin rasboras otherwise I think the top of your tank will be lacking a bit.

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    Default Thanks for the advice!!!

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    Sorry for this overload of questions, but thanks so much for the last few replies!

    As far as the goby, I have already got him and have had him for about eight months, but I did not know he needed brackish water. I supposed I will try to get him a tank of his own when I upgrade and possibly get a couple more fish of some sort to go with him. I assume that "black fin sharks" would cause too much competition for him? How about rubber lipped plecos, do they prefer brackish or regular, groups or single? And since I will be getting a tank just for my Goby, are they best alone or with others of their kind?

    As for the plants, thanks for the suggestions, I think I will back away from the idea of a fully planted bottom and try to come up with some ideas for plants to scatter about a bit for what will now become two separate tanks.

    Homemadepopcorn: thanks and what did you mean by you don't think a uv light will work?

    ryann: thanks for the advice, I have three albino corys now, but I plan to get at least three more once I upgrade my current tank to a 50

    wijnands: What are some brackish middle or top dwellers? Will a 50 be big enough for the corys and ottos not to have too much food/space competition? Thanks for the planting and fish advice as well as the link. The corys, ottos, and goby interest me the most so I will be designing my two tanks around their needs.


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    "black fin sharks" ??? Do you mean bala sharks? If so, they get much too large for almost anything under 300 gallon and belong in schools. If you mean Columbian sharks, they get even larger.

    Research! It's your friend. That will tell you the size fish grow and also what kind of plants are best under the lights you have.

    Read the cycling threads below, as well, so all your fish will not be in an uncycled tank.
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 08-10-2012 at 02:48 AM.

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    I was referring to a Colombian shark and unfortunately, Lady Hobbs, I don't think your reply solved, in any way, my question of whether or not a dragon goby could compete for food in a tank with them.

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    For substrate in a planted aquarium is it ok to use organic potting soil and play sand??

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    Bump... Anyone?

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