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    Default Starting my first 50g

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    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post on this forum. I currently have a 10g and a 20g and am planning to upgrade to a 50g soon.

    I was hoping that I could get some input on whether or no my ideas of what I would like to put in it will work and maybe some suggestions and advice.

    I really wanted to make this a fully planted tank. From what I have seen it seems like baby tears make a really good ground cover plant, so I figured I would cover most of the bottom with this and then have some patches of dwarf hair grass, mando grass and some dwarf onion plants. I would also like to have a couple of some other sort of plant but haven't decided what yet, though I do really like the look of java moss. Thus far I only have experience with dwarf onion plants, mando grass, and hornwart (which seems to be a filters worst nightmare).

    As far as critters I would like to have some sort of snail, but I don't know that that will be possible. It seems that all of the snails that are controllable as far as breeding are so big that they displace plants.

    I would also like to have some shrimp, anyone have a suggestion on a type of shrimp slightly bigger than ghost shrimp that are easy to care for?

    As far as fish I would like to keep ottos, a dragon goby, some albino cory's, a gold gourami, a pleco and some guppies... Those are just fish I have in a smaller tank that I would like to upgrade to a larger one, so I really don't have any ideas as far as new fish go.

    I am very open to both criticism and advice. I am anxious and excited to get a 50 gallon set up in the best way possible.


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    No replies? How long is it generally advised that you let your tank establish its plants before transferring fish to it?

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    Anytime is fine to add fish, Provided you have a cycled filter to use.

    Ps. RE 'Mando grass': If you mean Mondo grass. It is not an aquatic plant. I know it is sold from a tank... But it isn't.
    Google it and see.
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    If you plan on all those grass plants, you will also need a really good plant light. Most grasses require more lighting than the standard plant lights. Plants do not grow under stock lighting that come with the tank.

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    Hey, thanks for the replies. I have some UV florescent bulbs I am planning on using for it and as for the Mondo grass, I did not know that so thanks for the info. Any similar plants that I could substitute?

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    Default Fish compatibility

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    So are the fish I currently have that I have listed completely compatible? The corys, ottos, and dragon goby more specifically as those are my favorites of what I have.
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    Default Plant compatibility

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    Also, are the plants I have listed fairly compatible as far as light and CO2 go or would that depend on how and where I place them in the tank? I guess I am going to use hair grass in place of the mondo grass.

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    Default Rubber lip pleco

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    I am having trouble finding a proper care sheet for this species. Can anyone give me a link or some good information on them? Are they compatible with cory's, ottos, dragon goby's, guppies, and a three spotted gold gourami? Any information is appreciated! Do they really only get to 4 inches? My fiance is very interested in them and I would like to know if they would be a plausible addition. Thanks so much!!


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    To grow hair grass and dwarf baby tears, you'll need a very powerful light source, regular dosing of fertilizers and a good substrate.

    These are some of the harder plants to grow because they stay so far down at the bottom of the tank that there is little light available to them.

    You said you were going to use UV light on this tank? I don't see how that would work.

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    Few random thoughts.

    Dense carpeting with grass requires a lot of light, CO2 and regular ferts.

    Corys will do much better if you have areas of unplanted sand as well.

    Ottos, like cories, do need a group. It's mainly an algae eater so they should go in a few months later

    Dragon goby is Gobioides broussonnetii, I think. I seem to recal it needs brackish as it grows up. Poor competitor for food and will take small shrimps that wander too close. Seems a bad choice for the tank. Here's the seriously fish page on it:

    My advice, drop the goby. Consider a schooling species of some kind. Or design a tank around the goby. Get brackish capable plants and tank mates.
    3 potted plants and 6 strings of plastic do not make a planted tank!

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