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  1. Default Stocking Advice Pls - First Tank - Planted Community : 450 litres (120 gallons)

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    I am currently cycling my first tank, a freshwater planted tank to be filled with small community fish. Its 450 litre (120g). Approx. 400 litres (105g) of water.

    The only thing Ive decided on to start with is a large school of Neon Tetras (approximately 30).

    Im really looking for suggestions on what else to consider:

    Id like some activity at the bottom. Are the only options Corydoras or Shrimp?

    I would like another active schooling group to contrast with the Neons. Approx 20 to 30, should I stick with Tetras or perhaps something else?

    If algae becomes a problem should I consider Siamese Algae eater, Otos or Shimps?

    I quite like Guppys would they be suitable if I only get fish that do not nip at them?

    Finally, in a number of the stores here they have community tanks with 1 male Betta and say that so long as you have 1 its ok. Is this correct or should I forget about this?

    All other suggestions welcome. As I mentioned its my first tank so really looking for tried and tested advice from you experienced members. I'm trying to keep the fish as small as possible.

    Thanks in advance.
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    1 male betta in a tank is ok, tho it depends on what other fish you keep with it. Guppies do not usually make good neighbours for bettas, as the betta will generally attack anything that it perceives to be another male of its own species. Also, they do not like a lot of flow, and in a bigger tank with bigger filters, generally means a lot of flow. However, with plants and ornaments as resting places they do fine.

    Getting a betta will prevent you from getting any other long finned species like guppies, and perhaps other anabantids as well like gouramis. Its a large tank tho, you may get away with a gourami.

    Loaches are a great option for a bottom dweller. With your size tank you could have a nice school of them, and they are active and curious and very entertaining fish to have. The only loach I would NOT recommend are the clowns, they get freaken HUGE.

    For algae control - and only AFTER you actually have the algae growing - you might want to stick with a smaller species like BN plecos and the like. Ottos are great too, but they don't seem to like eating algae off the glass, they like cleaning up your ornaments mostly. They need established algae, and you'll want a good sized school of them.

    Shrimp are fun to have, so long as you don't stock fish who like to eat them (like bettas).

    My advice for fish stocking would be to take a tour of your favourite and local fish stores, and see what you like. Then bring back your favourites here and ask for advice and which of them would do well together.

    have fun with your tank! Planning the tank and fish are the most fun stage!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheamurai
    My advice for fish stocking would be to take a tour of your favourite and local fish stores, and see what you like. Then bring back your favourites here and ask for advice and which of them would do well together.

    have fun with your tank! Planning the tank and fish are the most fun stage!
    +1 to the above. There sure are lot of different fish avalable in different parts of the world. I would hate to recommend a fish only for you to look into it and find out you can't get it were you live.
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
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    What's the filtration like in a tank that large? Is there a lot of current? Bettas and current don't mixx too well.

    Have a look at Apistogramma Species, 2-3 males of different species would look cool and definately add colour to the tank. Then again will depend if your betta would want to allow them in the tank.

    Are you sure you want a betta? That could really limit your stock for such a cracker of a tank size
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    Large schools of neons or cardinals is stunning. Rummynose tetras are nice. Columbian tetra, lemons, diamonds. All nice fish in groups.

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    Just wanted to thank you for the replies. All good info.

    I'm going on a scouting mission this week to see what's currently in stock and what can be ordered.

    I will definitely be back with questions regarding compatibility / group sizes etc.

    What would be the best starting amount after my cycle? Assuming I just go for the Neons.

    I don't want to waste any bacteria i've built up but don't want to overload it either.

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    I do think, Stitch, that I would plan to add cardinals or neons last, tho. They are a bit on the sensitive side so perhaps waiting a bit on them might be a good idea? In your nice big tank, heck 60 of them would be awesome!

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    I have yet to have a problem with my Betta. What I did was added him last, and moved all the fake plants and everything around a bit (read it brakes up territories and lets the new fish find his own) You could always get a HOB breeder and keep him in the breeder for a few days.( ) My Betta will sometimes charge a fish, but if the fish doesn't flee he loses interest and gos off to do something elts lol. I don't get why everyone said they don't like high flow, my guy will get in font of the outlet and swim ageist the current... hes a vary strange betta lol... but then again thats why we had to get him, unlike any other we have seen. (and I still have all 4 shrimp)
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