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    Default Goldfish tank size and other tips

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    I ran across this article tonight and thought I'd put this here for general reading.

    At the bottom of this article is other articles regarding feeding, care, and mixing different goldfish together that may not really belong together.

    Hope someone finds this helpful in picking out their goldfish, buying the tank, feeding, etc.
    (Some parts I find debatable.)
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 07-27-2012 at 03:10 AM.

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    It is always nice to find articles that explain how to properly care for goldfish. Tank size is one that a lot of people struggle with. Movies and TV have sold them an illusion, and they really do believe that a fish can live in such a small space.
    I groom ranchus. That is all.

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    I struggled with this: "If you are new to fish keeping, stick with goldfish like Comets, Commons and Shubunkins."

    Not so sure I would recommend a fish that grows as large as comets and commons to someone new as they would be the ones with the small tank but perhaps it was mentioned due to less sensitivity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Hobbs
    I struggled with this: "If you are new to fish keeping, stick with goldfish like Comets, Commons and Shubunkins."

    Not so sure I would recommend a fish that grows as large as comets and commons to someone new as they would be the ones with the small tank but perhaps it was mentioned due to less sensitivity?
    I think the assumption is that you will kill your first fish, so start with the hardiest and cheapest fish. I'd recommend a fantail or a dragon eye to start out since they are great hybrids (least amount of negative breeding practices). Also, they are cheap and hardy.

    A big no to shubunkins... That being said, I've rarely seen an unstunted goldfish in a petstore, so even commons will most likely be limited in size... well, limited to 12 inches, but still.
    I groom ranchus. That is all.

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    And certainly NO KOI, unless one has a small lake (large pond). Shubbies are very tempting to beginners, as are calico koi, because they're so colorful.

    What I find objectionable are the really grotesquely deformed shapes that are deliberately bred into many species of fancy goldfish. Using genetics to intentionally breed an ugly and deformed creature is beyond my understanding, frankly. I'm thinking of the huge bubble-eyes and bodies so heavy and obese-looking that the poor fish can only swim awkwardly -- I call it "waddle-swimming". Those fish are particularly susceptible to swim bladder problems, and the bubble-eyes are in constant jeopardy of being injured. In my opinion, this is NOT cute, nor is it exotic. It borders on cruelty.

    The torpedo-shaped goldies and koi are much more natural-looking, graceful and streamlined. It's understandable they would be hardier.

    I'll probably catch it from the lovers of the fancies, but do remember that this is only my opinion.

    I suggest that beginners come on here before they purchase any tanks, equipment or fish and read the posts of the really experienced folks, so they can avoid as many beginner's mistakes as possible.

    Thanks for posting the link, Lady Hobbs. The more education one can receive beforehand, the more grief can be prevented and the more one can enjoy their fishkeeping -- and the more the fish will enjoying being kept.

    -- mermaidwannabe
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    I just hope someday people will stop sticking goldfish in bowls or tanks not even suitable for neon tetra's. I will never understand it.

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    +1 Lady Hobbs.

    I was a perpetrator of this very crime for years and years. I had NO idea that our goldfish would die at almost exactly three years old, simply because the tank it was in was too small. Considering I am a relatively intelligent person, still, I didn't know this, as the pet stores we frequented did not shed any light on this problem.

    I heard every reason in the book these fish would perish, except, anything about tank size. Being told for 15 years that a ten gallon tank was perfectly fine for a comet goldfish!

    Even internet searches did not shed any light on this problem! It took finding this forum, and being directed to the correct information to know.

    Thanks to that, our Goldfish Fishers is now in our new pond...... with friends! Its been delightful to watch him instantly take to a natural habitat and even hunt at the surface for food (insects). I also did not know until the pond that goldfish school!

    Though he may be stunted from 2 years in a too small tank, he has doubled in size in two months in this pond, and is enormous........... and happy!
    2 10 gallon tanks, 1 20 gallon tank, 1 Fluval Edge, 1 29 gallon tank, and one backyard pond.

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    He has? This is wonderful. Seems like you just moved him. How cool is that. He's a big shot now in his new diggs.

    Agree the info out there is terrible. We just have to keep passing the word.

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