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    Jul 2012

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    Default 55 gal ready for fish

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    So I had someone check my tank (and test my water) and they said it's cycle was complete and the water was great. Here's what we started out with
    2-Rainbow Sharks
    When we add more in a week or so, what are other suggestions/tankmates? Looking at SilverDollars and Tiger Barbs.
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    Additional pics
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    Just curious, who suggested two rainbow sharks? These fish are very territorial and you will likely have problems with the two of them fighting in the near future to see who the stronger one is.
    I would never have two rainbow or red tailed black sharks or a combination of these in the same tank. They really do fight until one of them is driven from the tank.

    I read that Bala sharks get really large in time so be prepared.
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    Bala sharks grow up to 14" and is considered schooling specie. Knife fish will grow huge as well, not sure how large though. And as strider already said, rainbows and red-tail sharks are highly territorial towards their own kind. I will rehome everything right now and get appropriate fish for the tank.
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    Oh Clay......I so wish you would have joined the forum sooner. There are numerous problems here that need attention.

    1....First you should always have your own test kit if you wish to keep fish. API has a very good Master Test Kit, liquid, that many here use. You never know when you may have a problem and need to know immediately what your water parmeters are.

    2....Unless you cycled that tank with a bottle of pure ammonia, then the tank has not been cycled. You just bought this tank so it is not cycled at all.

    3.....Bala Sharks belong in schools and in very large fish tanks. They grow much too big for tanks much under 300 gallons.

    4.....The sharks can not be together. They are very territoral and do not get along. They also pick on smaller fish.

    5......The Black Ghost Knife is another fish that grows to be a monster. Like 20" !!!! Larger than your tank is wide.

    I honestly think all these fish should be returned to the store because none of them will work out for you honestly. We will teach you how to cycle that tank, what would be a good fish for the tank size and get you on the right track.

    Then you could have yourself a Tiger Barb tank if that's the fish you like. You could have a nice tank with Tigers, Albinos, Greens and get yourself another shark once this tank is done cycling. But things have to be fixed first. Silver Dollars are great fish but much too timid to be with Barbs.

    But never just walk around a fish store and pick out fish randomly or you will end up with all kinds of fish that do not belong together. Find out what kind of fish you like and then do an internet search of them and you will not end up with all the wrong species.

    I don't mean to give you all bad news but afraid I have to be honest with you.

    On another note unrelated to this, as you can see I edited all your photos to make them fit the margins of the forum. When you add photos, you have to leave a space after each so the pictures will be in a row up and down rather than all across the board.

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    +1 Hobbs...

    Never let someone else tell you your water is fine. In an uncycled tank with NO FISH, of course the water will be good/clean...there has never been a fish pooping in it.

    Please take everything back and cycle the tank, or they will die from pollution.
    20 gallon with a male betta, neons, glowlights, and red cherry shrimp. (work in progess) Recently added a few LIVE plants and driftwood, Woooohoooo!

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    Jul 2012

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    I have to agree with what everyone else here has already mentioned. I am a proud owner of a rainbow shark. He is an awesome fish to have. I keep him with clown loaches, dwarf gouramis, tiger barbs and a pleco. My rainbow shark thinks he is a police officer in my tank. He likes to chase my tiger barbs but they usually deserve it. Tiger barbs are little terrorists to say it best but they are also very fun to watch. All in all if you like the rainbow shark you can definitely keep one with a school of tiger barbs but only ONE rainbow shark.

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