I am rehoming my large Shubunkin this evening. The lady with the pond is bringing out a large (5-gallon) bucket with a tight-fitting lid. I'll be siphoning water from my 65-gallon tank into it and netting out greedy Shubbie for the ride home. This gal lives in town only about 15-minutes away. I went to her residence (with her consent) to look at her pond. It's 3 1/2 feet deep, about 10 feet long and 6 feet wide. She has the water constantly running through an ultraviolet light filter to keep algae from forming, and the water is always moving. Pond is packed with healthy lily pads (that have just finished blooming) and other pond reeds. Several small goldies are in it, too. She adds no chemicals. Water is nice and clear and the other fish can be easily seen.

I've instructed her on acclimating Shubbie by gradually adding her pond water to the tank water in the bucket -- for about a half-hour or so before releasing him into his new home.

They only feed those fish once a week, so Shubbie will have quite an adjustment to make, seeing what a hog he has been. Insects do land on the pond's surface, and I'm sure there are other natural food sources available between feedings.

In the winter, the pond freezes except for a tiny opening where the water still runs liquid. Fish metabolisims go way down during this season, and they stop feeding them.

Shubbie should be quite happy, there. He is getting too large for my 65-gallon tank, and I also suspect he has been snacking on some of my glofish danios.

The beneficial bacteria in my tank will have less to feed upon, so I'll need to transfer some glofish from my 20 into my 65 to keep the BB from starving.

Is this a lucky Shubunkin, or not? Feedback, anyone?

-- mermaidwannabe