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  1. Default opinions onmy 29 gall. tank/new hear

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    This is my first post although I have researched many websites over the past year when I "inherited" my 29 gallon freshwater tank. It was given to me by a family member who was moving and no longer wanted the tank. I see so many people critique peopl's tanks such as over stocking, or wrong mixes of fish but here is what I have: one 6-7 inch(guess timate) pleco, 3 black and white mollies and ONE fry who has mysteriously only one- (there were originally over 20 fry that I surrendered to a fish store), one blackmolly, one silver? zebra danio, one that looks kind of like the danio but not quite sure what it is, 2 red tetras, and one small albino looking catfish I purchased and was told 4 inch max in size. I have had the tank a year now and its first tank. I clean the gravel every other weekend...and change the filter about once a month. I don't add any chemicals or check any water levels and have no knowledge about any of that stuff sonce the previous owner said they didn't either. Thoughts? Am I overstocked? Just wanted some opinions.

  2. Default

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    Your not overstocked but the plec if its a common plec will get to big,actually it could be any number of sp plec and outgrow the tank. They arent needed for algae eaters and actually do a poor job of it anyway.If the fish shop will take him then I suggest giving him away.You actually have enough tank for quite a few more fish but I dont give stocking suggestions. I do suggest you get an api master test kit and test your water for all the baddies such as ammonia,nitrite and nitrate.

  3. Default Thanks :)

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    well....I have had some casualties along the way, but I came to the conclusion myself that I am at capacity because everyone gets along so well....with the exception of the black molly who I have moved a couple times because he gets aggressive.
    The pleco I feel bad he has been in my family for geez peobably 7 or 8 years and I have no idea what kind. He is black ish....and quite ugly. haha but I love the guy and guess I can check into getting rid of him if it's in his best interest. The only store I frequent these days is Petsmart and they don't accept any fish "donations" or what have you.
    As far as the testing of the water, the previous owner(s) never did any of this and had the tank for years.....I myself, over a year now so I kind of thought maybe I don't need too. Please excuse my ignorance...was just trying to save these fish from getting abandoned in the fist place :)

  4. Default

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    Well,you did come to the right forum,,,,,,,for the sake of the fish. You may not like what you here though. The plec is stunted if its only the size you stae it to be. That happens from being kept in foul water conditions and or too small a tank. I have sailfin plec that is only 5 yrs old that is almost a foot in length and it is a bit stunted due to the 58 gal tank it is in. Water changes must be done to keep a healthy environment not doing them would be akin to living in a bathroom with no windows or air circulation and no flush toilet. You would live a long time but it would be unpleasent to say the least. I suggest you read our free aquarium ebook found to the left of your screen.

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    There is no need to replace the filter unless it is falling apart. Just wash it in old tank water to get rid of the gunk. Changing the filter can send your tank into an ammonia spike because all the good bacteria that eat ammonia live in the filter.

    I do encourage a liquid test kit, too. You need to keep the nitrates under control with water changes, it's the only way to get them out. I would suggest a 20% water change at least every week.

    Try to rehome the big pleco.

    Your tetras and danios do much better in schools of their own will be pleased if you bump the schools to at least 6. If your tank is a high tank instead of long, I would suggest trying to get rid of the danios instead...they need lots of swimming space.
    20 gallon with a male betta, neons, glowlights, and red cherry shrimp. (work in progess) Recently added a few LIVE plants and driftwood, Woooohoooo!

  6. Default

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    I missed the part in the first post where you said you cleaned the gravel>I assum you are syphoning water through the use of a gravel cleaner so you are getting at least some water change. 20% a week is what we recomend,some of my tanks get 75% weekly wc,some just 10%.

  7. Default :) Thank you all :)

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    Great tips. Thanks. And...sorry, my error on the pleco....I tried to get a better measurement today and he is close to a foot, but he seems to get around just fine. Since he has lived in this tank so long (roughly 5-7 years?) I'd hate to "rehome" him, kinda feel like he is the boss in my tank ;-)

    I had two Danios was "deformed" the petshop advised me...he had a humpback but my son loved him anyway and he died awhile back :( We have this other fish that looks similar but is not a Danio....anyway tho it swims with the Danio as if they are buddies.....I know what you mean though, they do like to swim.

    I clean the gravel with a syphoning thing every other weekend. I usually remove a bit more of 25% of the water at that time....hope it's ok? I like to keep it clean for them and the filter I have I believe is a whisper? It's a size "large" and I change it at leasssssst once a month. Sometimes every 2 weeks when I do the syphoning. Was even debating adding a second filter....any recommendations on adding a second?

    Thanks everyone.

  8. Default Inspired me to upgrade....question on filter tho.

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    Hi everyone. All of these posts have inspired me to upgrade to a larger tank. My bday is in September and I am trying to convinve my hubby to splurge on my fish obsession. lol
    This way my pleco (who I mis-measured originally; he is just under one foot in length and about 7 years old) can grow if he is not too "stunted" which I just am learning about :/ He is the reason I have not added any new fish because I like him to have extra room.
    Guess, my main concern is about the I said, I "inherited" this tank and the filter is a "Large Whisper"? Someone mentioned if I changed filters the tank could go into some sort of "shock" and how/what do you recommend I do if I were to add a second filter...I change water/syphon every 2 weeks but it always seems pretty dirty. Anyways, thanks again.

  9. Default one more thing.

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    I have 2 african dwarf frogs who are now in a 5.5 gallon tank.....after I upgrade (or even before) do you think they'd do well amongst this group I got going? Or leave them in their small tank. That is all ;-)

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    Frogs shouldn't be in anything bigger than a 20g. They need to reach the surface to breathe and are not strong swimmers. They will get exhausted. I would worry about their little fingers getting nipped by an aggressive fish, especially unschooled tetras. Plus, they will have trouble competing for food.

    A good filter is one that is rated for double the gallons of your tank...for example a 60g filter for your 29g. Just stick it on your current tank and run it for a few weeks to seed, without changing the filter. You can then remove the old filter and use it elsewhere, or leave it on. It sounds like your current filter is probably not optimal. Just rinse them out in old tank water when they get dirty and pop it back in...all your good bacteria is in there.

    Water change/syphon every week. Get one of those python thingies...makes it a breeze with larger tanks.
    20 gallon with a male betta, neons, glowlights, and red cherry shrimp. (work in progess) Recently added a few LIVE plants and driftwood, Woooohoooo!

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