I have a chance to buy a 200 gallon reef tank (300lbs of live rock, 300 lbs of live sand, a mated pair of maroon clownfish, 2 refugiums, metal halides lights and T-5′s, a clam the size of a watermelon, a few starfish, some coral). I am somewhat experienced with freshwater tanks, but have never had a saltwater.

If I buy the tank, I think I want to put more fish in it. However, I have read that when considering a saltwater setup, it is best to go either mostly fish or mostly corals (see below for the fish vs corals comment). Anybody have any advice?

Thanks in advance for your help.


“You have to decide before hand if you want a fish tank or a reef tank. Don’t try to both in the same tank. The more fish you have have, the harder it will be to properly balance the nutrient equation. Add too many fish and you will most likely have either an algea problem or end up starving everything in order to keep the algea at bay.”