I recently caught a beautiful small pumpkin seed sunfish, about the size of a .50 piece. He is the only sunfish in the aquarium. There is also three small minnows, a top minnow, a few rainbow darters, and 3 small crayfish.
My sunfish eats fine, on a diet of tilapia scraps. I ordered some brine shrimp so I can feed him live food.
The only thing is, I have had him for about two weeks and he just hides behind the filter and now in the top corner (since i got a new filter).
He only comes out when I feed him and then he just goes and hides again.
Am i doing something wrong. I knew he would take some time to re-adjust , but he seems to hate it in there.
I have added many live plants to try and make him comfortable and i change the water on a regular basis.
Is there a way to get him to stop sulking? Does he need a sunfish friend? Or should I just take him back to his home?