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Thread: oscar fish

  1. Default oscar fish

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    my oscar fish paired up about 3 months ago how long does it take for them to start mateing i do weekly water changes and i raised the temp of my tank to 86d it was at 82d and because i dont have testing supplys my lfs said my water is good he helps me out alot he answers what he can im learning alot from him but he doesnt raise fish he buys them so he doesnt know much about the breading process on some fish sorry about the spelling bad speller

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    Water is too warm. That temp is probably making them listless.

    Water chemistry: Oscars breed in slightly acidic water, PH of 6.8 or a little lower is fine. The tank temperature should be from 74 - 82 degrees F. 80-82 for breeding. They have hundreds of babies and you'll need a tank for all those babies to grow out.

    I pay no attention to misspelled words but Capital letters and periods in a sentence makes things easier to read.

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    PS.....I have to say, from reading your profile, with 8 tanks you should have a test kit. You should have a test kit with one tank.

    I also would try to do something about your current over-stocking before trying to have even more fish to deal with. These tanks are all overstocked big time.

    Aquarium 1:
    2 oscars and 1 plec in a 75g

    Aquarium 2:
    55 3-piranahs

    Aquarium 3:
    60 5 jds 3 birchire eels 2 plecs and about 8 african and 2 parrot cichlids

    Other Aquariums:
    another 55 6 convicts 2 rainbow sharks 2 colombian sharks 2 red terrors and 2 texas cichlids with 1 plec

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    the problem is there is only 1 lfs where i am at and he can only take so many of my fish back.I do plan on breaking them down.I am saveing up for a 135-150g tank for the oscars then putting parrots and jds in the 75g with my 2 columbian cats.The lfs is takeing my 2 red terrors and 2 texas cichlid that i have.The tank that broke was a 55g.I was useing test strips but ran out.At the begging of the year I went gun hoe with buying fish and tanks.Now that im down 1 tank I put the fish in places that they wouldnt b 2 stressed out.I thank you for your comments pics of tanks are comming today or tommorow. .Oh buy the way what size tank should i use for baby oscars.

    Have a great day every 1
    Last edited by fishguy420; 07-22-2012 at 09:12 PM.

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    here are some pics 4 u all to c

    my mateing pair of oscars in a 75g tank

    my wall of tanks

    oscar sleeping i thought it was dead

    my pirinaha tank theres 3 of them

    i have more pics comming tomorow

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    The two tanks that were concerning me was the 60 gallon with Central, African and South American cichlids all in one tank. Five JD's is a lot for that tank and Blood parrots can not bite back so have no defense against more aggressive fish.

    And all those Convicts in that other tank because they are so darned aggressive and will fight to the death during spawning.

    You don't want those paper strips. They are a waste especially when you want to check one thing and have to waste the whole strip. Get yourself an API liquid test kit. Goes much farther and far more accurate. They're about $18-20 if purchased online.

    Have you tried to sell any of these fish in Craigslist? You can also find some decent deals on big tanks in good shape.

    I couldn't even guess what size tank should be used for a grow out tank for baby Oscars. I know they have a bunch of them.....hundreds. Some of our Oscar people here can help with that one.

    Not sure if you are familar with my neck of the woods but we have no fish stores at all here. I have to take a hike to Traverse City to get anything at all and they only have one store there, PetSmart.

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    YEAH IM NOT TO FAMLIAR WITH CADILAC sorry caps but I know the owners of bc pizza there yeah we have walmart myers and funcky fish and freinds.FFandF is the only place that buys fish here in gaylord my biggest thing is that im disabled and dont have enough money for those huge prices for the big fish tanks.Now I have my camara phone chip im going to start takeing pics of the fish I want to get rid of.Thanks lady hobs for your concerns and input.I dont understand those test strips.I c that my ph is high but i dont know how hi the ph was pink on it instead of oarnge so I dont know how much ph down i put in the tank. is a pic of my test strip next to box I have not a clue what this says besides everythigs high in numbers.
    Last edited by fishguy420; 07-23-2012 at 07:14 PM.

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