Here is the plan for the tank so far plese give me feedback

1x albino senegalus bichir
1x senegalus bichir
1x longfin senegalus bichir
1x ornate bichir
1x endlicheri bichir

1x striped Raphael
1x banjo catfish

1x fire eel
1x ropefish
1x tire track eel
1x zig zag eel
1x tulip eel

1x spotted sailfin pleco

I know the 1st thing you are going to say is 55 gal isn't enough and I fully agree. 1st I have to track each of these guys down and it may take a while. 2nd I plan on either getting a much bigger tank [100-200 gal] even if I have to make it my self so they will have a bigger tank for them.