Ok so I have mentioned other places that I am worried about a mystery disease in my fish, that may or may-not be Fish TB. So I'm at the point of going to some strong medications, and a full tear down of the tank.

Since I am not fully certain that it is Fish TB, I am not yet prepared to euthanize all fish and plants.

I thought it might be nice to document this plan of action and its results for future reference.

First: Gather Materials Needed and Plan
- Prime - large enough bottle to neutralize the bleach solution needed to clean all hard surfaces.

- Bleach - This is my primary disinfectant, to be used on all rocks, plants, and other hard surfaces. I will be using a 5% solution. (For every measure of bleach, there are 19 measures of water)

- H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) - This is my secondary disinfectant, for use on driftwood pieces (there is mixed reviews on using bleach with driftwood)

- Assorted Buckets and One large rubbermaid tub to house fish during this proceedure

- UV sterilizer - I am adding this to the outgoing/return line of my filter. Based on some reading (Here's one good link: http://www.bookmasters.com/marktplc/...ycoarticle.pdf) I think that this can help with the issue I am seeing.

- Kanaplex - Kanamyacin is the name of this antibiotic. From what I have read, Kanaplex is one of the few medications I was able to locate that has this med.

- Patience - Boy I hope so!

Here's a quick image from this morning. (FedEx just dropped off the Prime and UV so I'm finally ready to begin)