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Thread: Hydras

  1. Default Hydras

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    I've found hydras in my tank and I wasn't too concerned until I read they can kill shrimp (I was going to buy some RCS yesterday but the store didn't have them so I was planning on going back Tuesday) and fry, my minnow may be pregnant and I don't want to lose her babies.

    I've seen my WCMM nipping at stuff on the glass but is it likely to be hydras or the planaria that they're eating?

    I read zebra snails or red ramshorn will eat hydras but would they compete for algae with my ottos and potential shrimp? I wondered if I could just add one so as not to exchange a problem with hydras for a problem with snails.

    Any suggestions on how to safely irradicate them?

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    I have found hydras on the glass of my shrimp tank before. I simply scraped them off. I dont see many now but shrimp colony is growing at a steady pace. From my exprience I dont think you should worry to much over it. Just keep your tank and water pristine, your shrimp will over come the hydra. I don't have nerites in the tank. Just pond snails and oto cats. I think the pond snails might be keeping the hydras in check, not scientifically sure.
    Roll the Dice!

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    Thanks for replying gogi. I don't have pond snails only tiny bladder snails (unwanted hitchikers) but its good to know the shrimp should be ok.

    Would hydras hurt ottos if the got too close and got stung? One of mine had a sore looking face the other day (it's getting better now thankfully) but I never worked out what did it.

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    I would try to kill it. Squirt it with Excel or Peroxide or something. Hydra is known to kill baby fish that gets trapped by it so I wouldn't be surprised if shrimp would not as well. And who wants it in their tank anyway. I don't want anything in my tank I didn't put in my tank. LOL
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 07-06-2012 at 10:13 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Hobbs
    I don't want anything in my tank I didn't put in my tank. LOL
    I'm definitely with you on this. Thanks for the website it's great. I'm considering some mollies if ramshorns and spixi snails won't work. I'd be devastated if my fish had fry and I lost them because of this. Any ideas which type of Molly would work with WCMM, ottos and RCS? I know some get quite huge but I don't know much else about them.

    Would my LFS be likely to stock the chemicals you mention or would that be a more specialist item? Also is it safe to use in the tank with the fish I already have in and then shrimp going in the water after?

    I have tried to squish some of the but I've got a nice algae lawn growing on the glass for the algae eaters and I don't want to wipe out there food source trying to get rid of the hydras.

    All LFS should warn people to soak there plants to get rid of all the unwanted pests that come with them. I had no idea there were so many things that could appear in a tank just because you added a bit of greenery.

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    I soak my plants in alum now. Unfortunately, I didn't learn that fast enough before being over run with snails.

    I'm wondering why can't you pull the plants out and soak them in alum? If alum kills snails, it sure will kill hydra. And alum doesn't hurt the plants a bit like Excel can do......or bleach water can do.

    Alum is in the spice aisle of every grocery store. Generally first because spices are stocked alphabetically. Fill up a pail of water, add 2-3 T. of the alum in it, and throw the plants in for a day.

    I always kinda hate to buy "things" to get rid of other "things". Like what would ya do with the mollys after the hydra was gone?

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    I get your point about buying things to kill other things but my tanks not fully stocked yet so I would have kept the mollys but I've done a bit more reading and found they're really a brackish water fish so I think they wouldn't be any good for my tank anyway.

    I'm not sure if soaking my plants would help as the hydras seem to be on the glass and even a few floating in the water. That's why I thought get something to eat them but I don't want to lose my algae to a snail and end up starving my ottos because of it. The bladder snail infestation I had seems to have disappeared so I'm wondering if the hydras have killed them off or if the hydras are multiplying because the snails were keeping their numbers down and now they're not there to do it anymore.

    If I soaked the plants in case there were hydras on them too would my ottos and minnows be ok without them for a day? At the minute I have an amazon sword which my ottos spend their day resting on. I think they'd be lost without it.

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    I have no idea and never had hydra. I believe I would try to net everything out of the tank and treat the whole tank. Hydra is a parasite that kills by stinging it's prey. It's have to get rid of it somehow. Hopefully someone with experience will jump in here and offer up something.

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    Any ideas how to move posts to a different section?

    I accidentally put it in plants instead of general and I think it would get a better response if I could move it into beginner/freshwater general section.

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