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  1. Question Setting up new aquarium ..but not happy about it

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    I did set up 10 gallon tank with the filter on for 24 hrs for my new aquarium.
    But today my dh got 5 tropical fishes and dropped into the tank with the bag water from pet store. After 1hr or so he feed them. Now I am really worried about my fish and tank water.
    1.Not sure whether the tank is contaminated with the store water that will effect my new fish
    2. Feeding the fish so soon with four flakes.
    Can any one help me to save my fish.. I need help how to change my tank water and save fish from diseases or parasites that might carried from bagged water from store.

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    you're about to have problems.

    First of all, simply letting an uninhabited tank's filter run does nothing. Your tank is not prepared for fish, and soon the water will be turning toxic from the waste the fish give off.

    I STRONGLY RECOMMEND checking out the free aquarium ebook:
    It will tell you how to set up a tank properly so that you can safely add fish without killing them.

    In addition to the above, what kind of fish did you get? A 10 gallon tank is pretty small, and I'm guessing not a lot of thought went into picking out fish suitable for it. Unless you got lucky you probably have fish that won't work in that tank.

    Honestly the best thing to do for you and the fish right now would be to return the fish, learn how to do a proper fishless cycle on a tank, and while you're waiting for that, research what kind of fish you can keep in a 10 gallon tank and decide how you want to stock it.

    I know it's hard to give up fish especially when they were given to you by someone else, but there's a right way and a wrong way to start up a fish tank, and the wrong way involves fishy funerals.
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    +1 with everything Brhino wrote. Before I set up my tank 1 1/2 yrs ago, I remembered that most fish I had as a kid never lived very long and I wanted to do it right this time.

    I met a woman in LFS who was buying the same thing as you (a 10gal kit I assume), asked the employee about purchasing fish to put into it right then and there and I told her point blank "You should read about cycling a fish tank before buying fish, otherwise, whatever you buy today will probably die pretty fast".

    You are correct that adding water from the bag isn't good, nor is adding 5 unknown fish to a new 10gal tank. Tropical fish might be a cheap(er) pet, but it's a good feeling when you can set things up properly and know they have the best chance of living once you put them in a tank.

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    Thank you for your reply.. I have tropical fish which are about an inch above and the breed is Molly.
    Is there any other way to clean the tank ? Any kind of cleaners that will save my fish from the chemicals from bagged water??
    As of now all5 fish are still active in tank but I am really worried whether to feed em or not... Please help me

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    The bagged water should not be a problem for you. I wouldn't worry about that. The bigger worry should be the ammonia that you tank is getting killing your fish over the next couple weeks. Do you have a testing kit to test your water parameters? If not you need to get one and get one fast. If you read the part of the ebook on cycling you will know why. If you haven't read it yet then read the sticky here.

    I recommend the fishless cycle that was also recommended to you in the above post. If you do not want to return the fish then closely read the cycle with fish sticky in the above link and be ready to do lots of water testing and water changes. It can take a while and is not good for the fish but sometimes you do not have other options.

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    Thank for your reply..I don't have testing kit but I am planning to take some water to pet store today.
    Also planning to return fish but not sure whethe they take em back I don't have the bag's to carry them or return..
    Do I need to change water everyday?? I will surely go through the article.

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    You do not need to change every day but just as often as necessary to keep the ammonia in your water around .25 and absolutely no higher than .5 and also keep the nitrites just as low if not lower. When both of those are at 0 for a few days then your tank will be cycled and it will be safe for your fish. All of this is described in detail in those stickys I linked to earlier.

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    If you get a good test kit you will be able to monitor and do all the water changes needed. Also if the fish were bought from a place like petsmart they take them back within 14 days and if you stopped in I bet they would give you a bag or two to take them back in.

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