Some of you have gone to hell and back along with me on my journey to salvage the 60 gallon fancy goldfish tank I had that subsequently crashed due to a bacterial infection outbreak -- at this point in time, right now, we managed to save the small Black Moor who was in that tank (she was moved from the infected tank to a two-gallon holding "Marina Cool 7 Goldfish Starter Kit" plastic unit just to get her out of the disgusting, infected water and then back to the 60 gallon when it was re-set up and sterile...she is amazingly doing well in the midst of the 60 gallon's re-cycle and I simply cannot believe this little fish's will to live) and moved the aggressive Red Cap Oranda who began the troubles in the 60 gallon to a 10 gallon along with two small tankmates we subsequently purchased for him.

The thing is, now a bit over a week cycling the 60 gallon and around two weeks of the 10 gallon being up and running, the Oranda has begun showing signs of just sitting at the bottom of the 10 gallon sometimes motionless; he immediately springs to life when you either approach the tank or show that you may be feeding him and his mates, but I notice that he is doing the "at the bottom of the tank" thing more often now. The really strange element is that we do routine water changes on this tank considering the bio load, as well as in-depth gravel vacuuming -- couple that with the fact that all three goldies in that tank are apparently doing very well, eating and swimming happily within it, and I don't know if this is just a sign that the Oranda is "bored" or something else is going on...

We did notice he has experienced a growth spurt -- his stomach is getting bigger (not in an unhealthy, bloated way) and his red cap/wen is developing as well as his fantail in back. I am beginning to think that maybe this 10 gallon is becoming "too small" for his growth spurt characteristics now, but I don't possess the scientific wherewithal to speculate about this. Again -- he is looking good other than this behavior, as are the other two goldies in there, and we keep on top of the water conditions. The 10 gallon is being filtered by an Aqueon QuietFlow 20.

Can anyone tell me if this is an indication that this Oranda must now move to the 60 gallon because of a space issue in the 10?