Oops, I originally listed this in the general section in another thread of mine which was labeled lighting, but then thought I post it here.

Hoping someone can tell me what I have done wrong. Since I moved this tank the coraline on the back wall has turned white. Most everything I have read online points to lighting. I have scheduled the blue light on at 11am, blue light off and white light on at 1pm, white light off and blue light on at 9pm and then blue light off at 11pm. Is this wrong? Is this too much, too little? Should I run the blue light the entire time even though the white light is on?

Since moving the tank, it has had to adjust to lfs salt water from the previous owners well/salt mix. There are other things that I've had to get under control since moving. The specific gravity and salinity were high which I have since lowered to appropriate levels. The Ph was off the chart low when I got the tank, but I have been buffering to bring up. All other readings are within appropriate levels. Nitrates are zero. Temp stays steady at 78.

Does anyone have an idea what is going on and if my lighting schedule is correct?