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    Quote Originally Posted by FinalJenemba
    Yea skip the electric, thats way to much for one anyway. A normal ram is actually a prettier fish if well taken of?
    I agree totally with the above.

    My GBR pair live in 7.8 pH with no problems. The water at the LFS where I bought them had the same pH so I figured, should be fine. It's been over two years and they are fine. Your stocking list is also similar to mine so I dont see any problems at all. I started mine in a 29 gallon with cardinals, neon, Harlequin rasboras, glow lights, hatchets and cories with a red tailed shark.
    I have since moved all of them to a 55 gallon and added to the the schools.

    Your water parameters (ammonia and nitrites), need to be stable at 0 ppms, and try to keep your nitrates under 40 ppms. Are you using live plants? Moss?
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    To late to edit, there's not supposed to be a question mark at the end of my last post lol
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    I only have 1 live plant in my tank. I just picked up a Ram last night. He's a balloon ram. He was in a tank full of rams. He's awesome. I'll post a pic later. I just turned the lights on him for the first time so he's still skittish. He finally came out from behind cover and quickly went back as someone walked past the tank.
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    I have kept about 10 rams with no success. I've learned a lot though you want to keep the temp at least 80 the range being 80-86. You can always get cories that live in warmer water. As for the Ph, they should be fine at 7.4, but peat moss or drift/bogwood would be a good addition to lower it and add the tannins to make it feel more natural. They NEED LOTS of hiding spots and will benefit from LIVE plants. Even a little corner of the tank with some live plants and a cave like a flowerpot to hide in will make them feel more secure. Live plants also keep the nitrates and other harmful things down, which will help the rams as they are very sensitive to the parameters. Your tetras will act as dither fish so they feel they can come out and explore. I would suggest getting more rams because they'll feel more secure in a shoal almost. Mine would stay together and move everywhere together. Also, make sure you get your rams from a good source. Some fish stores get their rams from large breeders in Asia that inject them with dyes that will ware off as well asmake the fish more delicate than they already are. (making an early death very likely.)If I were you I would ask the fish store where they got them and also wait a week before you buy the rams, to make sure the colours don't fade and that they'll survive. Lastly, they get stressed very easily. This will be shown if the ram does not colour up and you see black line/s on its body. Another sign is if its fins are layed flat, normally they will display them. Anyway I have given you all of my knowledge about rams and sorry for it being so scattered and jumpy. Ps, don't be surprised if they just die. It could or could not be your fault, they are very sensitive! Lovely fish nevertheless.

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