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    Post New stock!

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    So, I have restocked my tank as mentioned before. I have 1 school of five little fish, 1 school of 6 Neon Tetras, 2 Black Phantom Tetras, and 2 white fin Tetras, and lastly my Angle fish.
    What do you guys think about this setup, and is there any other fish I could add to it? If not, what about some kind of bottom feeders? I wanted to get a Red Tailed Shark, but got suggested not to, because of it's aggressivness. What do you guys think about all this?

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    For One, all smaller tetras are schoolers and the phantom tetras and whitefin Tetras are likely feeling very uncomfortable in their groups of two. I would rehome them. One large school of fish is way prettier than ten couples that all hide because they are scared.

    Once you have gotten rid of the phantom and whitefin tetras I would increase the numbers of your neons to at least ten. Bear in mind that a mature angelfish can eat neons so you may also want to remove the neons entirely and replace them wi a slightly larger schooling species. or, you could just take the risk and see how everything works out with time.

    PersonallyI would not add any more fish. It always is good to be a bit redundant with your stocking especially when you are a beginner so that any mistakes will not spell instant catastrophe.

    Ona last note, if a thread has not been active for so long, it is advised to start a
    New one. You can see how much the thread now differs from its original title.

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    Actually, the thread is fine just as it is. You are simply updating it and there's no need to have to explain all this from the beginning.

    I would definately NOT get that red tail shark. The tank is too small for one and they are aggressive.

    Angels are different in the way they act with neons. Sometimes raised together they do fine. Sometimes they will eat the neons so that's a chance you're taking. But if that angel decides to get aggressive with them, they don't have much room to get away from him. The problem with neons is they are nervous little fish and will hide most of the time with a larger fish in the tank.

    If it was me, I would take back 2 of those tetra's and the neons and get more of the other tetra's you already have. You should be able to keep a school of 8-10 of them with that angel.

    Make sure before adding any new fish, your ammonia and nitrites are 0 and the nitrates are below 20.

    On a note here.....dechorinated water in a tank does not cycle a tank. The only thing that cycles a tank is ammonia....either from a bottle or from what the fish produce.

    Sounds like these salespeople also didn't bother to tell you tetra's belong in schools? *sheesh*

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    Alright, so I'm following your guys' advice and restocking.
    Here is my planned stock:

    6-8 Neon Tetras
    6-8 Harlequin Rasboras
    1 Red-Tailed Black Shark
    1 Tiger Pleco
    Couple of top swimmers fish(please suggest)

    Please comment, if this is a fine stock for my 29 gallon and/or what I should change.

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    Choose between the neon tetras and the rasboras, and replace the red tailed black shark with a more peaceful centerpiece fish.

    Small hatchetfish are good topdwellers, but are very liable to jump.
    If you have a lot of real or fake plants that extend all the way to the water surface, then
    White cloud mountain minnows and gouramis will also stay in the upper levels.
    Make sure you pick a small gourami species (like a honey gourami) and do not put more than one gourami in the tank.

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    Leave these two out ......

    1 Red-Tailed Black Shark
    1 Tiger Pleco

    And add more of the harleys and the neons. Like 8 more of each.

    Red Tail sharks don't belong in small tanks and are agressive to smaller fish. You do not have to have a bottom feeder but if you insist on something, then a few cory cats.

    Congrats on getting rid of that first batch of fish you had.

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