Please don't rage at me, as I am a beginner with a tank this size.
I cycled my tank for about a month, doing water changes every other day.
I got my water tested by the store couple times, so I don't know the parameters. But, I'm assuming the experienced employee knows what he was doing. I was a bit surprised when the employee suggested that, that stock would be fine. Because I did a little bit of research before, and figured out I could get around 3 Cichlids into the tank at most(matters what kind). But, I thought since he is a fish shop staff, he would know much more than me. So, I followed his advice. I regret it much, since I payed around $40 for my fish all together. By the way, these fish are all around 1-2 inches. I don't know if that changes anything or not. But anyways the pair of Black Convicts (male & female) would be enough for my tank anyways. I'm just worried if I will be able to return the fish, just like that.
Please answer my questions above. Also if you could, please list some combinations of Cichlids together, and a community setup also.
I would like to get the most fish I can get into it(maintenance is not a problem)
I would appreciate all the help!