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  1. Default New fish keeper want 2 lean a lot

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    Hi every1 this site looks gr8 set up well and a lot of help wt ppl need

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    Hi, welcome to the forum. You may find that people might be more willing to help if you refrain from using text speech.
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    Ha cheers mate didn't no people would be botherd by that

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    Are you wanting to lean or learn? We have both here. LOL

    Instant text messages are not the same as message boards.

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    Ha I ment learn , could u giv me a quick explication on tank cycling and wen would u class your tank as cycled would really appreciate it

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    It's right there written out in my signature links.

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    G'day, and welcome to AC!
    Three-fourths of the Earth's surface is water, and one-fourth is land. It is quite clear that the good Lord intended us to spend triple the amount of time fishing as taking care of the lawn. ~Chuck Clark

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    Iv just read your link it was very helpfull thanks just a quick question if you don't mind iv had my tank for two month iv never changed the filter or gravel iv only washed the pads in the dirty water from the tank anndiv been doin 35% water change weekly . So does this mean my tank is cycled or. Nt I do water test but I use the strips and iv been reading on here they aren't vey good p.s if I changed my gravel by takin all of the old 1 out and replacing it wih new one would that hurt the fish ? Thanks for your help if you could be bothered to read all of that ha

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    You will get a lot more answers by posting in the appropriate forums on this site. "Beginner Freshwater" would be good.

    I assume you have fish in the tank, although you didn't really say. Check the nitrATE levels. If you have nitrate, and no ammonia or nitrite, then your tank is likely cycled.

    We also appreciate specifics, like filter type, gallon amount, ammonia levels, nitrite levels, and nitrate levels. Even if you use strips it's better than having no parameters to relate.

    You can change the gravel as long as you don't mess with the filter for a while will lose some good bacteria but your filter will pick up the slack until it grows in the new gravel.

    Just make sure you take your fish out of the tank before switching gravel, they can be injured or stressed easily. Put them in a bucket with a heater and some tank water. They will be ok for a little while.
    20 gallon with a male betta, neons, glowlights, and red cherry shrimp. (work in progess) Recently added a few LIVE plants and driftwood, Woooohoooo!

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    Azurescriber is right. You aren't telling anyone anything. How long has the tank been set up, how long has it been cycling, what are the numbers for ammonia/nitrites/nitrates.

    You want us to guess if the tank is cycled but won't tell us what's in the tank. In your other thread, you mention a starving gourami. Anything else?
    What kind of filter do you have and do you have a heater?

    If you want to be in this hobby, get yourself a Master Test Kit for testing of the water. You have no idea of what the toxic levels are without testing. Until then, take a water sample to your fish store and ask them to test it for you. You gourami is probably starving due to being stressed out over water conditions.

    PS By fish store, I do not mean Walmarts. I doubt they even know how to test water.

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