I am working on a community stocking plan for either a 4 foot 90 gallon tank, or a 6 foot 180 gallon tank depending on how many different species I introduce, and I would like to add at the least 2 African Dwarf Frogs. However, I need to know if the frogs are compatible with the other species of fish I have already decided to introduce.

1) Albino Cory / 3 inches / very peaceful - school of 6
2) Congo Tetra / 3 inches / peaceful - school of 6
3) African Butterfly Cichlid / 3 inches / peaceful - "harem" school 1 male/3 female

Please let me know your experience, or knowledge based thoughts. If your answer is no then please let me know why. I will not compromise my Albino Cory, but I might consider a different Tetra, or Cichlid. I really like the choices I have made so far especially the Congo Tetra, but I believe that several frogs will add a level of variety to the community that different fish species can not.

-Robert P. Lewis