Two days ago I moved and set up a neglected Biocube. The water quality was not great it had gone months with a water change and the Ph had been off the charts low for who knows how long. I buffered it and it is now 8.3. The previous owner had mixed her own salt water mix from well water. So I moved and set the Biocube up with her water minus 10% which I added 10% lfs saltwater. I did a water change of 10% (lfs saltwater) 24 hours later with a thorough vac (this tank was in really bad shape). The Banyans took a hit in the move, but were starting to perk back up when this afternoon (48 hours after the move) I noticed that some of them look like they are peeling on the top portion. What's up? I clean their environment up and now this? They look much better besides the appearance of peeling. Is this a matter of concern?