Hi all, my first post as bought the children a small 17l tank to keep some small minows in. It a toy story themed tank which comes with pump etc.

I cleaned the tank with warm water and washed the gravel and ornament etc. the tank and filled with treated water (to remove clhorine) has got lots of condensation at the top and also gone cloudy and smells a bit. No I followed the instructions.

On the filter there is a ball like end on the end of a straw and it said to put this up and out into the air and then it puts air in the tank, and I'm not sure if this what's caused the prOblems as surely this needs to be in the water to filter the water? What are other peoples thoughts on this? I have switched this round and the condensation has all ready gone! Is this the right thing to do?

Thanks in advance (and any other advance ppl can give is greatly appropriated!!)