I hope this helps others, and especially those who keep their frogs with fish--it's tricky to feed them when the fish compete for food. Spread the word! I'm surprised that I've not found anyone else who has discovered this method. No mess, no waste either.

I use a brine shrimp net to scoop up the frog and bring him to the surface. Then I use a cheap plastic pipette to squirt in a few live blackworms. He gobbles them up happily, and then I dump frog and any leftover worms in--the fish clean up the worms before they hit bottom. Easy and fast!

You can use this method with frozen bloodworms or frog pellets. My albino ADF "Piglet" has thrived on blackworms for 2 years now and I'm lucky to have a supplier close by. A spoonful is $1 and lasts for months in my fridge in a tupperware container, feeding my frog 4-5 worms every few days. I rinse the worms with cold water (well water, so no chlorine) and suck out any dead/sick white ones with the pipette.

Piglet learned quickly that the white net was his dining room and swims right into it. The fish can't get at his food, and the worms can't get out of a brine shrimp net (the green ones won't work--the worms crawl out or get stuck in the mesh). He'll even swim into my cupped hand to eat, but I wouldn't recommend that in case you've got any soap or other toxins on your hands.

Here's a (silly but illustrative) video: