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    Default Angel fish........?

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    Is anyone keeping angelfish anymore ? I used to have some many years ago that were very beautiful n grew quite large in my 30 g community tank.
    Im planning for future tank setups when I move from my studio apartment-I am just never seeing any angelfish at any area pet stores for some reason.They used to be common. nobody who works at these places ever seems to know anything at all about what fish they sell or can get. Can anyone tell me about they're angelfish n how you obtained them ?

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    It just might be the stores where you live

    Where I live, it seams like every pet store has angel fish for sale. Maybe trying calling a few other stores near you if there are any.
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
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    My local Petsmart has them (freshwater) and they are about the same size as a quarter (not including fins) although like the person above me said it may all just depend on where you live.

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    Big Als in Ontario always has them.
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    If you are talking about freshwater angelfish, then it would likely be a local issue because they still are as common, available and popular as ever.

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    Thank you for replies ! I live in charlotte,nc and I would of thought there were more places to find fish. The Petsmart store nearest me has many tanks but most are empty n poorly lit with signs of too much algae growth. Ill be looking around more before I set up any large tanks. Ive had good luck with the neons,cory cats,endlers guppies and betta that I got from Petsupermarket however-the selection is small-maybe these stores can do special orders... Im just very excited to get back to serious freshwater fish keeping again after a few years of too much moving around !

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    If you like angels then go for it but there's plenty of other species that can also be kept by serious fishkeepers.

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    If the selection of fish near you is very limited, and you have the budget for it, you can order pretty much any fish online. The shipping tends to be costly (usually about $30 per order) but you can get some beautiful and unique fish. Just make sure to always research before you buy so you don't pay to get something shipped that doesn't work in your setup.
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  9. Default

    0 Not allowed! is a good place to order fish. If you ever go to aquabid and see a seller by the name of Indianwoodsangels, you could not go wrong with his angelfish.
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    angels in my area are pretty common, especially when one in three are wild types, agree with fishmommie about indianwoodsangel he knows his angels
    we are all on a journey.
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