First time journaling so I'll give it my best shot.
After much dithering and gathering advice from this fantastic forum over the past few months, I finally took the plunge and bought a used 90 gal FW tank for my office. (Originally I thought I only had room for a 45 but I found a nice corner, moved some things around and made it happen.

The set up I bought was formerly a SW tank. So I had to patch the holes for the sump (with glass and silicone sealant) and I'm off and running.

The stand was also in bad shape - but really heavy, solid and sturdy. I got a really good buy - tank and stand for $250.00 - so I splurged on a canopy - very plain but it looks good.

I'm using a 1200 cascade canister and at the advice of the LFS (one man operation has been raising fish for years) decided to also supplement with a UGF with 2 Marineland maxi-jet 400 water pumps. I'm hoping this combo will give me plenty of bio and chemical filtration plus plenty of water flow.

Here's a link with photos. If you slide the cursor over each photo, a tag line will come up explaining what you're seeing.

I plan to stock with rainbows, roseline sharks, congo tetras, will try my luck at pairing of some angels, and cleaner fish yet to be decided.
I'm starting off with artificial plants but hope to eventually change to live once I have had time to do more reading so I know what I'm doing.

I've got a beautiful piece of driftwood and have been gathering medium sized rocks that have caught my eye

Because I got the tank so cheap, I'm going to splurge with led lights (haven't purchased yet - not have I purchased my glass top)

This weekend, at long last, I HOPE to attach my background - pending results of a poll on another thread :o), add my substrate and start filling so I can begin a fishless cycle.

As always, any advice is appreciated - and all the luck you can send my way.
Now ... let the journey begin <g>