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    Default Laura's 100 gallon FW planted

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    At Silbar's suggestion, I'm starting a journal for my 100 gallon tank.

    As I mentioned in my introduction post, I just moved this tank to the living room. Here it can be enjoyed by the whole family and is much more accessible for maintenance. This is an old tank, probably 10 years old or a bit more. It's been running the whole time except for brief shutdowns to be moved a couple of times, and it's always had the same gravel substrate. However, I had let it become fish-free (I just didn't replace fish that passed on). So I am starting over, except for rocks and driftwood.

    Tank Specifications: 60" long x almost 21" tall x 19" wide, glass
    Equipment: Magnum Pro 350 canister filter with two Bio-Wheel 30s; two under gravel filters, each powered by an AquaClear 50 power head; Aqueon heater; moonlights; 4 LED 14W full-spectrum light panels; glass covers; wooden stand and canopy
    Substrate: Gravel, white and mixed shades of brown
    Decor: Driftwood (can't remember what kind, since I've had it for years), slate rocks

    I plan to disconnect the under gravel filters when I plant the tank. For the time being I'll leave the powerheads running for water movement and gas exchange. The Bio-Wheels will still be there for biological filtration.

    Water Parameters:
    pH: 6.8 -7.0 (my tap is usually around 7.0pH); 0 ammonia; 0 nitrites; 10 ppm nitrates; 150ppm GH - 8.4 degrees if I did the conversion right; I need to get a KH test kit.

    I'm working on a stocking plan. So, there will be stocking questions in this thread later. I have plants on order, which should get here sometime this. In the meantime, I am refining the placement of the rocks and driftwood.

    That brings me to question number one: Is superglue (cyanoacrylate) still considered a good choice for glueing rocks together in an aquarium? I have some small cave and tunnel structures made of the slate rock, and I have a tendency to bump them when I clean the tank. I'd like to hold them together so that doesn't keep happening.


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    Superglue is handy for attaching plants to DW and rocks and such, but I'm not sure how well it would bond slate together...I believe I'd use aquarium safe silicone for that

    I've used the silicone to "glue" large DW pieces to slate with excellent results.
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    Silicone will keep rocks together, but the wait time is 1-2 days for drying. You can use the same epoxy used to glue coral together.

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    Looking forward to watching this develop! I love a stocking list!
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

  5. Default

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    Seachem has aquarium glue. Takes like 20 seconds(even submerged) to hold.

    Pretty good stuff.
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    Glad to see you started a journal. I will be following.

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    When making caves I always used silicone, just left it to cure 48 hours to make sure it was entirely safe before putting it in the tank. The times I used superglue gel it was for plants-never for building caves or with rocks.
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    Oh boy a new journal on a big tank! Yay. Photos please, we love photos. Can't wait to see your stocking list.

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    I'm excited to follow along on your rebuild!

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    I tried to take photos earlier, but daylight tank photography isn't going to work in that room. There are just too many reflections. Hopefully I can try photographing the tank tonight and post photos tomorrow. It's not terribly exciting to look at yet.

    I got a shipping confirmation today on the plants. They are now in the USPS' (hopefully) gentle hands. It's an assortment of swords, crypts, anubias, some java fern, and stem plants. In essence, I am trying a bunch of types of (mostly) easy to grow plants and I will see what does well. I have Flourish tabs on hand (for the swords and crypts) and some long tweezers ready for the planting.

    I think my tank lights are brighter than the anubias prefer, so I plan to attach them to rocks and tuck them under the edge of the larger driftwood pieces where they will get some shade. I can always bring them out from underneath the wood if I decide they need more light, but I don't want them to get leaf scorch.

    I read somewhere a reference to cleaning aquarium plants to avoid any unwanted hitchhikers (snail eggs, etc.). Can someone tell me how to do that or point me in the right direction?

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