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    Default Time to stock my 55g

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    Well, my cycle is finished, all my numbers are in line and stable and going to be stocking shortly. I currently have 5 (female) Cherry barbs in the tank and a few ramshorn snails. The tank is a basic 55g, planted, gravel base with sand on top, the gravel shows through in some places, the sand is pretty thin.

    I'd like to up the school of cherry barbs to 10 or so, guessing add 3 females and 2 males to the 5 females I have now (total of 8 females/2males)?
    I'm leaning towards Otos as well, 4? 5? of them perhaps. I was kind of leaning towards a school of Neon tetras, perhaps 10 or so.

    I'd really like for the fish to be as non-aggressive and as colorful as possible, I have a 20mo old daughter who absolutely loves fish. This being said, I was looking for a "centerpiece" maybe something large(r) and/or extremely colorful, something she could focus her attention on.

    Any ideas or suggestions are welcomed.

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    a couple of rams could be a good centerpiece fish. Bolivian or German Blue Rams would both work great. They are kind of sensitive to water quality so as long as you keep up on your tank maintenance you should be able to keep them. Bolivians are probably the most peaceful cichlid so if peaceful and colorful are what you are looking for rams could do it for you.

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    IMO - Skip the neons and get Lemon tetras to be a contrast your cherrys [Big schools of each] and a nice bright koi angel as a centerpeice.
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    +1 to 850R

    Didn't think of that but that sounds like a really good tank

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    Serpae tetras are a nice colour too, could be an option. I second the motion for GBRs
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    Definitely leaning towards a pair of GBRs, I think a couple of those would be a pretty good "centerpiece".

    Would a pair of GBRs, ~4-5 Otos, and a school of Lemon Tetras and Cherry barbs fill the tank? I definitely don't want to overstock but feel like the 2 schools, Otos and GBRs would be a good set-up without having too much or not enough.
    How large should I go with the schools, 10-12 fish/school? Guessing stick to the 1male to every 3-4 females for the Lemon Tetras as well?
    Now, heres another question (dont kill me), would ghost shrimp or some other invert be alright for the most part or would the GBRs snack on them?

    And my final question...the only LFS (still a 45 minute drive) is a PetSmart and pretty under-stocked. When I bought the Cherry barbs, all they had were 5 females, besides the feeder gold fish, every tank looked bare, no Otos. And when I told the girl I was in the process of finishing up the cycle and was going to introduce the Cherry Barbs, she kind of just had this clueless look, tried to sell me some Danios (that were completely out of stock...). Is there a safe place to order from online that can/will help with sexing the fish to make sure I don't end up with 2 of the same sex GBRs (and same for the tetras/barbs)?

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    These online places process hundreds of orders a day and many fish can not be sexed until they are older. Not very many of these places will bother to sex the fish for you. I think I've heard of only one that will try but with no quarantee.

    I also have an hour drive to a fish store, also Petsmart. You need to find out what day their stock is delivered. If you wait for the 5th, 6th day after delivery, there won't be much.

    850R has a good idea with having ONE angelfish and another larger tetra.

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    Welp, made the trip today, talk about a barren wasteland. I don't know if maybe due to the weather we've been having (100degree plus) that maybe they're not shipping fish in the south east?

    It looked as though they literally had not had another fish brought into the store in the past 2 or 3 weeks. No Otos, no cherry barbs, only tetras they had were GloFish Eletric Green Tetras, no GBRs, no Angelfish, and two Bolivian Rams that looked like they'd seen better days. I'm willing to bet 80% of their tanks were empty. It looked like the only thing they had a selection of were Oscars, Plecos, Koi and feeder goldfish.

    I know I'll call before I make the trip again, talk about being disappointed.

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