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    Question Fishless cycle done & ??

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    After 5 days of 0 readings in my new 29G tank (with adding NH4 daily), I added 2 mollies, checked water, still Ok, added 3 redtail tetras. Thought it was Ok, all good water params.
    I moved a golden DoJo loach and bought him 3 Loach friends because I read that they don't like to be alone. Now my NO2 and NO3 are rising in 24 hours to .25 & 5. What is Up with this??? I am doing at least 25%, but most days 50-75% water changes daily. When will this correct itself?

    Thanks in advance, Leanne

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    What were your ammonia readings when you were testing, during the cycle, Leanne. Like what ppm were you keeping the ammonia at during the cycle?
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    Default Nh4

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    The readings past day 5 were 0.....

  4. Default

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    If they have been 0 the whole time you over the past 5 days you might not have been adding enough ammonia to keep the bacteria alive. If that is the case then you might just have more of a bioload being produced now than you were producing with your ammonia that you were adding.

    If that's the case then you should just keep doing water changes to keep ammonia and nitrites at or below .25

    The fact that you have nitrates is good as that means the ammonia is being changed into nitrite and you have some bacteria built up to change some of the nitrite into nitrate. You just do not have enough bacteria built up yet and over the next couples days, maybe a week or 2 you should have your bacteria build up more to handle your bioload. Just make sure you are keeping the nitrites low to prevent harm on your fish and do not add any more fish until you have 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and below 20 ppm nitrate.

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    Default Ideas??

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    Would it help to put another cycled filter in this tank??

    TIA, L

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    Question new readings.....

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    The NH4 is still 0
    NO2 Less than .25 but not 0
    NO3 Less than 5. but not 0

    Just a hint of color change.... I added a seeded filter to the tank after I checked the water.... will see how it does by this afternoon.... unless you all think I should change water now.

    TIA, Leanne

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