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  1. Default Is this overstocked?

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    In a heavily planted 15 gallon tall aquarium, is it overstocked if I had;

    1 dwarf gourami
    7 serpae tetra
    5 ottos

    The gourami swims at the top majority of the time, the serpae kinda go wherever they want, and the ottos would fill the bottom. Is that too many fish though?

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    Maybe not overstocked, but tall tanks are not very suitable for active schooling fish that require an adequate tank footprint to move.
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    After reading this post, I looked up these fish - to me, this tank would be overstocked. The tetras can be aggressive to a single gourami. especially at feeding time and I think ottos need a larger tank (with more length than height) plus a larger # for them to be happy.

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    I would go 1 gourami, 5 serpae and 3 ottos.

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    I already have 1 dwarf gourami and 5 serpae tetra, and contrary to what you might think, they actually get along. The gourami is about twice the size of any one of the tetra so they never bother him, even during feeding

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    I found a website that helps in determining if you are over stocked and if your fish are compatible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Indian Woods Angels
    I would go 1 gourami, 5 serpae and 3 ottos.
    Bad bad bad move, serpaes are a tetra species that in my experience can be very nippy towards long finned species. I would only recomend keeping these fish in numbers exceeding 10+, and 15+ if you want them with any kind of flowing finned fish.

    So gouramis + five stressed vulnerable serpaes is only going to end in one way.

    Also ottos are a schooling species who do much better in larger numbers of around 8+. They require a lot of algae in their diets and larger tanks can hold more algae, this can be why small tanks + ottos can often end in dead ottos.

    I'd say just have the gourami and maybe some mystery snails, or maybe shrimp
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