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  1. Default Dwarf Gourami and Betta

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    Are they compatible to coexist in a 20gal tank?

  2. Default

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    I doubt it. I guess it really depends on the personalitly of the two fish, but those guys are basically in the same family. They are known for their aggressiveness towards their own species, and bettas are often aggressive to their own reflections.

    I guess the only way to really know would be to try it, but there are definately risks involved. If you wanted to test it without risking immediate injury I'd get the fish you wanted for sure, then buy a breeder box for the other fish to hang out in. See how that works. I'd be sure to have a backup plan incase it doesn't work out though. (Return policy, a different tank)
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    In a word, No.
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    Will NOT work out. NOT compatible. Do NOT try they will fight and hurt each other.
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    One will certainly die, if not both. Bettas DO have other tankmates they are compatible with though, so check out the betta forum on this site.

    Other bad betta mates include fancy guppies and anything with long fins, just so you know.
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  6. Default

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    Not to be the dissenting voice but it could work depending on the Betta and the gourami's dispositions. You would have to watch them very closely and if you see any aggression at all separate them immediately.

    I, personally, got lucky. I have a very mellow (and very healthy) betta in a 30 gal with 2 dwarf gourami. They've co-existed peacefully since February and I've yet to see any signs of aggression. For the most part, they ignore each other. I expected to see a change once the tank was cycled but that's been over a month now and they're still fine.

    I will say, however, that I had a 3rd gourami I had to remove from the 30 gal because someone was picking on him - I noticed a little tail fin damage so I moved him right away. Don't know if it was the betta or another gourami, but for certain, it's a delicate balancing act. This same gourami had been picked on by a female sword tail (which I rehomed) so he might just be subject to bullying.

    That gourami is now in a 5 gal with another betta. Has been for a couple of weeks. Again, no aggression but I'm keeping a close eye on them and it's a temporary situation. As soon as I can get another tank set up, I will separate them because I don't want to push my luck in such a small tank.

    If in doubt, don't do it. You'll feel horrible if you lose one or the other.

    As an FYI: The betta in the 30 gal pays no attention at all to the neon tetras or Colombian tetras or to the platy either. He also ignores the cory cats and the pleco. So those might be good choices for you instead of the gourami.
    Good luck!
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    Nope. Even though someone got lucky, not everyone will be the same. usually no labyrinth fish can share the same tank unless you have 100G+.
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    Learn to give and take. That's how things should always work.

  8. Default

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    I already have the two. Gory is in the 20 gal and Dragon (my betta) he's in one of those 1.5 gal tanks that I will soon upgrade him from it. I've had Dragon with Mosquito fish and Goldfish in a larger tank last year and he was not aggressive towards any of them but was not able to get enough to eat since they were faster than him. So I go him a smaller tank for himself.

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    Gouramis and bettas can be great tank mates for other fish, but when you put them together, you might see a problem. Just be very careful and watch them constantly. And remember, stuff happens when the lights are out, too. If anyone looks skittish or ragged, but you didn't see them fight, they are still fighting. When you put them in the new tank, they might take a while to acclimatize and might ignore each other. But, when they start feeling comfortable, territory comes into play and all bets are off. :)

    Good luck!
    20 gallon with a male betta, neons, glowlights, and red cherry shrimp. (work in progess) Recently added a few LIVE plants and driftwood, Woooohoooo!

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    Thank you everyone. It's a good thing I asked first. Earlier I got Dragon in a cup and floated him in the 20gal to see their reaction. Gory didn't care but Dragon flared up. Yeah and it's not going to work out. I really don't want to try them both free swimming in the same tank.

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