Hi all,

I'm currently cycling a 15 gallon FW aquarium. I've decided I wanted to do brackish in the middle of my cycle. I currently am in my NitrIte spike stage and the 1ppm of Amm I add is gone within 24 hours.

My question is adding salt. Seems everybody has a different opinion. I'm reading adding all the salt at once can kill my bacteria I have so far. I picked up a hydrometer and salt yesterday and added 3 3/4 teaspoons of salt to my water. I didn't notice any difference in the hydrometer reading that when it was fully fresh. I checked my NitrItes this am and they were still 5ppm so I'm sure I didn't kill off any bacteria.

Is it ok to up my dose of salt or should I just add what I'm adding now until I get my desired salinity (1.005-1.010). My hydrometer is reading 1.004 already and I got that same reading out of the tap.

Hoped to keep 1 figure 8 puffer but now I'm reading that a 15 gallon is too small so I'm hoping in getting 3 mollies and 3 bumblebee gobies in there.

Any suggestions?