Well I decided that I needed to give this a go. Everyone at my LFS has said sure I can put these fish together. I just got given the Texas on Friday and he is stunning. So I put him and Aggro (my jag) in the Oscar's tank. Everyone says oscars are aggressive but I'd never seen mine like this, last time him and Aggro were together Aggro was attcking Mr O - so I guess now he's a bit bigger & it's his tank they needed to sort their issues out so they had a few mouth locks - no real damage done as I was watching like a hawk and now after 2 days they've all settled in quite well. I've made extra caves for the jag and texas as the texas is a bit smaller than the others - I've loaded picsAttachment 2559

Attachment 2560, I shall keep an eye on them and see if they stay happy but so far so good!