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    To try and answer several of the questions that have been asked of me in this thread:
    -From what I've read and experienced, red empresses aren't aggressive, except during mating time (which is more territorial than aggression), so keeping them with angels, behaviorally, should be fine
    -I know that the empresses and angelfish are from different areas, but after reading about them both on various sites, it seemed that there was a balance area where they could both be just fine. Maybe that isn't the case.
    -I've heard everywhere before this forum that the Xp4 should be more than enough for my tank, which is why I didn't already attach both it and the xp3 (which is missing a few small parts, not a big deal or expensive, just enough that I don't have them sitting around already). If its an issue, putting the xp3 on as well isn't a problem.
    -The rams were more of trying to shoehorn a 3rd kind of fish in the tank, but this forum has sufficently disuaded me from putting them in this tank.
    I got the ammonia, so for my 125g tank, how much should I put in to help with the cycling?
    Thanks for your responses and help and thoughts everyone.

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    The cycling process is in my signature link. Bring it up to 5 like stated in the thread. Add a bit, allow filter to mix it in well for half hour or so and then test it with your tester. If more is needed, then add a bit more.

    If you have two canisters, I would run both. That gives you lots more room for bacteria to grow, prevents dead spots on the opposite end of the tank and it's also nice to have a back up should one filter fail.

    It's quite possible your empress gave you no problems before because they were kept with their own kind? Who knows what issues they may have had with other cichlids.

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    The tank I had them in before was an inherited one from someone I lived with for about a month and then moved, leaving me his 30g tank. It had some chinease algea eaters, zebra danios, 3 bettas (1M/2F), 1 medium sized blue cichlid (which I never did find out what it was) and 3 jouvanille red empresses (1M/2F). There was never any real problems with this group of fish. Except the blue fellow ate the male betta, but it happens. A little chasing otherwise and about 2 fish deaths every 6 months for a year and a half, until I lost the survivors in a long move:( I had previously just kept (and bred) bettas and kept a tank of barbs, but I knew the tank was about as full as it should be with so many species so I never looked into adding things, and as long as everyone seemed healthy I didn't look into the conditions as much as I could have.

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    You were given a pretty confusing mess to began with so no wonder you've had questions.

    Betta's can not be kept together other than females. Males and Males and Males and Females can not share tanks. They will kill each other. The Male and Female can only be together for the brief time to spawn and then separated again immediately. Even death can occur during this time.

    Chinese Algae Eaters are dogs. They eat algae when young but then turn aggressive, chase small fish and stop eating algae when they get older. Siamese Algae Eaters are great, however.

    The medium blue cichlid was most likely a mbuna.

    Fish can live for many years other than Betta's whose lifespan is only a couple of years. I will say that those fish living for more than a couple of weeks together is quite remarkable but I can assure you, there had to be a lot of aggression with fish hiding, fleeing and running for their lives much of the time.

    Fish are stuck in a glass box with no chance of fleeing from a preditor. It is simply unfair to keep them in this manner. Some cichlids can be kept with community fish like the dwarf cichlids.....rams or apisto's cichlids......some angelfish......etc. I have blood parrots and they do fine with community fish as did my firemouths. Those are all south american cichlids, however, not africans.

    I would follow thru with the fish you want and simply make it a Hap-Peacock tank. Put lots of rocks in it or some flat slate, those ferns you wanted and you will have a knock-out tank? Once you get it cycled, you can add many fish at once which is the best way to stock africans due to aggression. I'm sure others will suggest perhaps another species you may wish to add but as I already stated, I have never had these fish so will not "go there" as I do not have the experience of recommending.

    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 06-25-2012 at 03:23 PM.

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    Oops, I meant I had siamese alae eaters. There was only 1 male betta in the tank, and for whatever reason, it always was good with the females.

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    I was going by this that you wrote above:

    "It had some chinease algea eaters, zebra danios, 3 bettas (1M/2F), 1 medium sized blue cichlid (which I never did find out what it was) and 3 jouvanille red empresses (1M/2F)."

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