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    May 2012

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    Default Which Fishys next??

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    Hello Fishy Friends,

    I have a cycled 45g tank with the following residents.....
    1 Albino Rainbow Shark (2 inches) so far super friendly with far!
    12 Cherry Barbs (inch each)...little busybodies!
    1 Clown Pleco (3 inches) favourite, peaceful yet firm about 'his' food!!!
    7 Ghost Shrimp (6 babies and 1 hefty mama)...undecided on these, wish I had got Cherry Shrimp instead :-( but they may grow on me yet?
    No real plants (yet), just silk ones.

    Now, can any of you more knowledgable fish folk out there tell me if I can safely have any more fish as I realise my fish listed above are not done growing yet.
    The fishies I am liking a lot from what I read but don't know if they would be the best choice (Help?) are as follows..

    Kuhli Loaches...but would they complete with the shark and pleco for food/space and make my community too 'bottom heavy'?
    Angel fish....would the crazy cherries make them nervous and my PH is a constant 7.5, bit high for them perhaps?
    Pearl Gourami
    Zebra Danio
    Discus look simply adorable but I really get the impression I need more aquatic experience before trying to keep them?

    Do any of the above seem a good idea for a well balanced community/tank. If so, how many and which ones? If not, then does anyone have any better suggestions for me?

    Many thanks as :-)

    Must figure out how to do this 'signature' business :-(

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    May 2012

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    and I forgot to mention (if it makes a difference) that I am running two filters on this 45g bow tank, 70g and 30g filters and two heaters for good measure, 2 interesting pieces of driftwood and 3 cavey like structures.

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    Since you have the shark I would say your mid-bottom region of the tank is claimed. So probs stay away from any of them.

    Zebra Danios would be an easy bet as they stay high in the water, remember if you get them then get no less than 10 of them. One fish that I think is very under rated is Golden Wonder Panchax. They are top dwellers 1/2 males and 4/5 females would be great in a tank that size

    I have some and they are spectacular fish, they always look rubbish, drab, colourless in LFS but in a set up tank they become excellent fish.
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    May 2012

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    Thank you for the advice Scottishfish, shall make some enquiries about those :-)

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    From the list you have there I would say agree and say the zebra danios. They are quick and stay in the upper portion of the tank. If I were you I would get a large school of maybe 15-20. IMO they would be a great addition to the top of your tank.

    I would stay away from the angel and you ph is a little high for the discus. I think you would be better off staying away from them.

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    FYI that shark could get to 6" as an adult and they CAN be grumpy and territorial as they mature.

    If you get rid of the shark you will have far more stocking options opened up for you IMO, Including an angel... Just saying.

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    Having said that, Just because it's a stupid question doesn't mean that it shouldn't be asked. It's better to know.

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