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  1. Default I think I caught the algae bug

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    Here's a picture of a green lloydiella bunching that I put in my tank almost a week ago. I think its covered in algae or its just dying badly. This isn't on any of my other plants, at least not yet.

    Is this in fact algae?
    What kind?
    What can I do to get rid of it?

    PS: I know the water looks green in this picture. When I changed substrates it stirred up a lot of junk in the old gravel and turned the water really green. I just did a 50% water change to clear that up and reduce the high nitrates with it. Will do another water change shortly as it will probably be needed to get the nitrates down below 10ppm.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Nitrates of 10 is OK but I don't understand how stirring the gravel will give you green water. I would never stir up gravel and send all that waste floating around in the water. I would vac it out. I see them stir all this waste up in the fish store and it drives me nuts. Why do they think fish want to swim in their old waste and rotted food?

    You plant looks like it probably was shocked on the moving and transplanting of it. It may recover in time. It almost looks like it's covered in diatoms but that may just be dead leaves. I can't tell from the photo.

    I would do a couple more large water changes daily to get that water no longer green. Is it getting direct sunlight by any chance?

  3. Default

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    The only reason I stirred the gravel is because I was getting rid of it and changing to sand as soon as i did that the water looked aweful. The plant has almost like thread stringing the whole thing together. I can try to get a better picture if you want. I am planning on doing large water changes to get rid of the nitrates. Unfortunately i have to go somewhere and fill buckets to get fresh water as my tap water has nitrates of 40. So it can take me a couple days to refill the buckets sometimes.

    My tank is near a window but I have the shades pulled over it all day. I do not think sunlight gets through but a little bit could.

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    Oh Boy. Hauling water is going to be a terrible inconvenience trying to keep a fish tank. I think I would find a way to use my own water so you can do water changes easier even if I had to use a nitrate removing sponge in my filter.

    If that plant looks stringy, it's probably dead and should be tossed out. Or pull it out of the tank and put it in a pail of water and see if it will began to root.

  5. Default

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    I don't mean to change the topic bit what is a nitrate removing sponge? I've never heard of one before. I've been hauling buckets of water for six months now and I would love to start using my tap water.

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    A lot of people don't feel nitrates of 40 are too extreme to be dangerous altho 20 or less would be even better. My concern with your nitrates would them being 40 going into the tank and going to 80 a week later.

    Plants will help with nitrates but it takes a lot of plants, not just one or two in the tank. Some also suck up more nitrates than others. There are numerous products for removing nitrates. They are a granule that goes into a bag and goes in your filter. Also liquids that I would not recommend because they would be too costly.

    If I had to haul water, I wouldn't have a fish tank! argh! That's nuts.

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