A friend of mine decided to take down his 420(ish) FOWLR tank recently and I ended up with two of his fish. I got a Lieutenant Tang (Acanthurus Tennenti) which is also known as a viper tang, as well as a Orange shoulder Tang (Acanthurus Olivaceous). Both are very close to fully grown. Hopefully, they will be out of QT in the next few weeks

They are both currently in my 40 gallon QT tank right now. Although he has never had ick or any other problems like that in his tank in the 7 years he has kept these fish in his tank, I just want to be sure they are OK first. They do have a little fin damage from aggression so I want that to heal up first before adding them to my tank.

I know it’s a really poor quality pic, but as I’m recharging the battery for my camera, I had to use my cell phone.