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  1. Question Plan for 75 gal - Does this make sense?

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    In the process of setting up a 75 gal tank we got used. My 4 year is largely driving the desire for the tank and really wants a "shark". He loves the red tail shark.

    I kept fish a number of years ago so would consider myself a little more knowledgeable than a true novice, but am looking for some advice. Here is our current stocking plan (little by little at first as the tank becomes fully cycled):

    Dozen zebra danio (will probably stock these first)
    Dozen cherry barbs (will probably stock these second)
    One red tail shark (will probably add this guy last)

    So, a few questions for the group:

    Does this make sense from a compatibility standpoint? Most sites imply yes for a tank of this size but hoping for some confirmation here.

    Number of fish? Too few? Too many? Trying to keep it simple with just a few species but could easily plus up or down the numbers to get the right balance of top, middle, bottom and have happy "schools".

    I plan on using a 350 gal/hr filter on the tank and assuming this will be sufficient. Is it likely that I'll need a second or do fine with just one?

    Do I need something else to bottom feed or eat algae or will the shark just eventually pound on them? Cory or pleco?

    Lastly, my tap water is above neutral pH and on the harder side. What's the best way to maintain more neutral or slightly softer pH? Or will the tank eventually go in that direction over time anyways?

    Lots of questions I know.


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    Quote Originally Posted by nattacky
    Lastly, my tap water is above neutral pH and on the harder side. What's the best way to maintain more neutral or slightly softer pH? Or will the tank eventually go in that direction over time anyways?

    Lots of questions I know.

    I apologize I'm not real good with the compatibility issue but I will tell you to not mess around with your pH - a stable pH is easier for fish to deal with than trying to get it to stay where you think it should be.

    From what I've read about those "sharks", I don't know how good they are for community tanks - I"m sure someone else will chime in on that.

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    If you only want to keep those species, then i would suggest upping the numbers of the danios and the barbs to around 20 each (if possible). They can co-exist peacefully. I have both in my tank and love them. Both very active.

    As andrea said, don't try to mess with your pH. Fish can acclimate anyways.

    As for the shark, just make sure you're not planning to get any peaceful bottom feeders such as corydoras as the shark is territorial and might bully any other fish that shares the bottom with him.

    If you only going to have this stock then 350gph is fine for now. If you're gonna add more, then add another filter, an AC110 will do the job for you. Or just purchase a canister filter of your choice. Rena xp3 or xp4 is what i recommend.
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    I would personally get another filter just incase something happens to one. That way you'll have EXTRA good filtration, and an insurance plan.
    130g: 4 Angelfish, 2 Roseline Sharks, 12 Conga Tetras, 5 Kuhli Loaches, 1 Otocinslus, 1 Corydora

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    I would suggest the Rainbow Shark instead of the Red Tailed Shark. I am obsessed with these fish and have studied them a lot for my future large tank. I have read that the Rainbow Sharks are less aggressive than the Red Tailed Shark, though both can be very territorial. They look almost exactly the same, but the Rainbow has red fins and tail as opposed to just the tail.

    +1 to those that said to leave the PH as is. I run a high PH of 8.0 in my tank and tap water. My fish are flourishing in it.
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

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    I agree with crunchyleaf. I've kept rainbow shark, and they are very peaceful compared to red tailed sharks. They only really get grumpy with age, and even that is not that big of a problem, as they only really go after fish their same shape and size. I think danios and barbs would be fine.
    Research, research, research!
    ( I really should follow my own advice!)

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    Welcome back to the hobby! Make sure to put a lot of caves in the tank too. Most of the sharks I've had will take over one cave and either defend it so well that the other fish will learn not to go near it or(happy to have a place to its self I think)will just leave every one alone. This usually worked pretty well, but it really depends on the fish.
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    29 gallon: 2 platys, 3 harliquen rasboras, 2 juli cories

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    Thanks for all of the advice!


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