Hi everyone, new member here. Could use expert advice. I am a former discus hobbyist (20 yrs) and was recently wiped out by what looked like discus plague. Looked for a different slightly less expensive but still challenging and interesting fish and decided on tropheus. Could use advice on what I need to get started. Here's what I have so far:

90 gallon tank, stand, light
2 aquaclear 110 filters (500 GPH each)
2 heaters, each capable of heating the tank on its own
2 airstones/pump
UV Sterilizer
Tank has now been sterilized using first PP and then a bleach solution (naturally, I will wait until the bleach is gone before populating the tank again)

Removed all of the former substrate and everything else in the tank.

What do I need to add for Tropheus? How many can live in this tank? Looking to add gobies too (how many?) and maybe cyprochromis (are they compatible?)

I have several months to prepare so all advice is appreciated! Sorry for such a long post but just want to get the best possible advice! THANKS!