anyone on here have one?

my boyfriend is becoming more impatience the more research he does for his future pet. >.> i'm worried he's going to come home with it randomly one day before he's met my rules.

rules being, we have two child barricades, and under the fish tank is completely sealed off animals and children. and the living room is completely spotless. no mid projects laying about everywhere. (cosplayers) oh and he has the cage!

so if anyone has one or had one that was a baby when they got it can you give me some pointers? we don't even have a fence up outside yet. and won't for another year or more. so for a while it will be an indoor bunny.

and i had 4 baby wild bunnies once. and he had a normal pet shop bunny once. so we know some basics on general bunnies. but i feel like he's gonna get in over his head with the size of this one and our tiny 812sqft house. he doesn't understand the meaning of outside animals. >.>