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Thread: API readings

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    Default API readings

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    I got a fluval Roma 125 litre tank a while ago to replace my current 28 litre tank. I started a fishless cycle 7 days ago using fish food to produce ammonia. I mentioned on another post I was having problems keeping my 28 litre tanks temperature stable for the mountain minnows that are in it and was told I coulkd put my fish straight into the new tank with their old filter and it shouldn't be a problem. I was going to do this but I've been waiting to get more live plants first to help with the cycling (the temperature here has cooled down quite a bit so it's not so detremental for the fish to move home quickly at the minute) so I carried on adding the fish food to cycle the new tank. I decided to check how the cycling was going and am a little confused at the results. The API master test kit showed:
    The ph I was expecting as thats what the waters like round here but I thought my ammonia spike first, then the nitrites and then the nitrates (I read ammonia breaks down into nitrites which break down into nitrates). If I already have high nitrates and no nitrites and very small amounts of ammonia does it mean my tank is cycled? When I tested my 28 litre the readings were the same accept slightly less nitrates (I did a water change on the small tank afterwards). Should I still put my fish in the new tank with their old small filter? I'm not sure if these readings are normal as I didn't do any tests or anything with the other tank as I didn't know at the time I needed too but surely it isnt' cycled after a week?
    The filter in the tank is a fluval U3 with all the things it came with plus extra ceramics I added as the compartment was half empty when I looked. I have a planted rock in which came out of the old tank so probably had some bacteria on it and some algae covered pebbles/stones and teraccotta pots from a bowl of algae I've been growing (I was experimenting to see if I could grow algae to feed otto's if I got them in the future to guarentee them a natural diet and it actually worked ) could this have caused a rapid cylce?
    If my tank is not cycled and these are normal results for this point please tell me.

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    With ammonia still registering, you do not yet have a cycled tank. If you have been cycling with fish flakes, I would not be surprised you have nitrates before nitrites. I doubt the nitrites have even began but the food in the filter and in the gravel would give you nitrates.

    I would simple move the fish and the filter over to the other tank and add no more fish for a couple weeks. I'm not seeing the point in trying to cycle with flakes when you have a seeded filter already. pH in uncycled tanks is common. Test your tap water and that's what you need to go by. The tank will settle itself once the cycle is complete.

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    Thanks for the speedy reply Lady Hobbs. The reason I started cycling with the flakes is that I thought I was cycling the huge amount of water in the tank rather than the waste made by the fish until someone on here pointed it out to me . Is it possible to have ammonia in tap water as my old tank shows the same ammonia reading as the new uncycled tank? Also should I do a water change in the new tank before I put the fish in to reduce some of the nitrates and if so what percentage should I change?

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