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Thread: Question.

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    Hey every one. So I have a 40 gallon tank with two 60 gallon filters running. I have 8 black neon tetras and 8 black phantom tetras and 6 micky platys with 5 corys.
    I would like more color in my tank due to have two black tetra species. I heard that tetras really like to be in large schools.
    So my question is what else could I add to my tank to get some more color.

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    Hmm, im generally hesitant to recommend three schools of fish in any tank. I would say you should raise the sizes of the schools you have but that's not gonna give you any more color. The only thing I think you could do would be to add 8 or so neons/cardinals, they wont school with your black neons per say, but they would be comfortable around each other.
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    Do you like one more than the other? I don't think you have room for another school, but perhaps you could trade in one of your tetra species for one that is more colorful.

    You could maybe get some endlers. They aren't a schooling fish per say, but I have heard that they do like to be among their own species so you'd want to get a couple.

    Maybe also a centerpiece fish like a ram or a gourami. I don't know if that would overstock your tank. Someone more experienced would need to answer that question.
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    +1 to Crunchy. If you can, trade in one of your schools. You don't really have room for 3 schools. 8 black neons and 8 cardinals would look cool, or 8 rummy-noses. Harlequin Rasbora are also nice or the forementioned Endlers Guppies. I'm pretty sure Endlers are classed as a schooling fish. (If you get Endlers, get all males!)

    Before you go ahead and do that though, why don't you increase your schools? In a 40g you have ample room for big schools, especially with those little fish. 15+ of each would EASILY fit, with room left over for other things. Your little cories would appreciate a bigger school too! I'd recommend increasing them to 8-10. The bigger the schools, the more natural behaviors you get to see and the happier your fish are!

    On the subject of guppies, a couple of male guppies would look nice. (the Black Moscows are my favourite and would look awesome with your black neons!) They aren't a schooling fish but they like to be in groups, 3+. Although I'd be a tad worried about the Phantoms nipping their fins.

    As forementioned, Dwarf Gouramis are cool -- they come in a variety of pretty colours like blue (Powder or Cobalt Blue), striped (Neon or Peacock) and red (Flame, Blood or Royal Red). Gourami are aggressive to their own species so the rule is one per tank. I recently got a red one and he's gorgeous. :)

    There's also the Pearl or Lace Gourami -- these are a bit bigger than the dwarves at 4in and generally hardier. The male develops a pretty orange chest and their fins have a lovely lacy appearance. :) One-per-tank.

    If you like cichlids there's something like the Bolivian Ram. They're a dwarf cichlid and it's best to keep either only 1 male on it's own or 1 male and 2-3 females. There's also the similar German Blue Ram but they're a lot more sensitive to water quality etc than the Bolivians. :) I'm getting some for my tank in a few weeks.

    There's also the Kribensis -- also a dwarf cichlid. A little more aggressive than the Rams but hardier. They like to be kept in mater pairs.

    Aaand if you have algae in your tank, I really like my Bristlenose Plecostomus. They're only about 5in max and come in pretty longfin and golden forms. :)

    Phew, that's a lot of species! Hope I helped!

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    Sweet thanks for all info. What about 1 Dwarf Gourami and a Bolivian Ram would they be fine in the same tank?

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    You should probably chose just one. I don' think your tank is big enough for two territorial fish like that.(personly I recomend the gourami, there great fish).
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    Quote Originally Posted by WyattGuzoto
    Hey every one. So I have a 40 gallon tank with two 60 gallon filters running. I have 8 black neon tetras and 8 black phantom tetras and 6 micky platys with 5 corys.
    I would like more color in my tank due to have two black tetra species. I heard that tetras really like to be in large schools.
    So my question is what else could I add to my tank to get some more color.
    You have good filtration and you can have more fish by having schooling fish than a mixture of species like platies, gourami's, molly's, ram's, etc, etc, etc. The more species to try to throw together, the more problems you'll have.

    I actually would have increased your current 2 schools, added a large school of columbian tetra but not had those platies. Columbian will give a splash of color with their red fins.

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