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    Cherry barb (female) Puntius titteya

    Cherry barb (males) Puntius titteya

    They lost a lot of their colour in the move from the LFS to my tank but over the last couple of weeks it has started coming back (this was an early shot).

    And after just three or four days, here are some males having a scrap (breeding behaviour)?

    They were VERY shy when I first put them in and they all huddled together at the back in the shade. Now, they've really settled in and are all over the tank, spread out (not schooling at all until they are fed!) My goodness do they get excited when I walk in the room now...they follow your hands. Sweet little things.

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    Very pretty Sterbai Corydoras (I think I will save up and get three more):


    And one of the three Peppered Corydoras:

    They are so relaxed they don't make any effort to get out of your way when I am cleaning the glass inside the tank. It's funny because in the LFS they were REALLY hard to catch, very fast.

    So that's it really. 18 barbs and 6 cories...nearly three weeks on and not a single one lost yet so I'm delighted.

    What does everyone think of my stocking levels? Would I be safe to add more cories to this sized tank?

    I was thinking of perhaps adding a few ottocinclus to help control the algae, but I know they are better in large groups and I don't want to overstock (although the tank is massively over-filtered). Hmmm...time to think!

    I'm really happy with the look, so far, anyway. A few more plants for the back on the righthand side when that big rock goes though.

    I've learnt a lot during this process and this site has been great for advice, so thanks!

    Any comments/criticism/critique - all welcome!

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    Three weeks on and I still have all 18 barbs and 6 cats...haven't lost any thanks to advice in here

    Anyone think I should up the cory numbers?

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    Last attempt at asking for cory advice before I start a new thread on it.

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    Ok, plants are still going strong despite trying to grow them in coral sand. They're getting liquid CO2 each day and some root tabs every week or so so hopefully that'll keep them growing. Surprising actually as my lighting is less than adequate for plants.

    The cherry barbs have coloured up hugely and are now breeding like mad - although all the eggs spawned are being gobbled up straight away.

    Here's a flushed male:

    I bought some extra plants, including some java moss which I have tied with thread onto some of the branches (very fiddly underwater!)

    This is a shot from the right-hand side of the tank, showing some of the moss. I moved an anubia from the back of the tank where it wasn't getting much light and shoved it into a crack in the wood so I'm hoping it will root into it and grow there:

    Here's a shot from the other end of the tank:

    And here is the whole tank. The wood is staying down now without the need for the big ugly rock on it. Look how much darker it's become! I was shocked when comparing the photos!

    My current fish stock is:
    18 cherry barbs
    5 sterbai cory (1 died and I bought 3 more)
    3 peppered cory
    11 otos (bought last week to get rid of some brown algae - jeez have they cleared it!)

    My current plant stock is:
    Cryptocoryne crispatula balansae (two bunches which are doing really well)
    Cryptocoryne beckettii (this is getting quite bushy now with lots of shiny brown baby leaves growing from the base...the mature leaves are green on long red stems)
    Cryptocoryne parva (small and bushy, slow growing)
    Echinodorus bleheri (only bought this last week so I'm not sure how it will fair but I've heard Amazon Swords are hardy)
    Echinodorus ozelot (when I bought this it had very tall stemmed leaves but these melted a bit so I snipped them off - there's lots of new growth at the base now though. I'd like to swap its corner place with the Alternanthera as that's gotten really big now)
    Vallisnerra spiralis (also new from last week...looks ok but might be melting a bit)
    Hygrophila corymbosa sramensis 53b (this has become very busy...lovely looking plant)
    Alternanthera reineckii pink (much bigger than when I bought it, this is growing faster than anything else)
    Anubia (not sure which variety, lots of baby leaves coming)
    Vesicularia dubyana (tied with thread to wood - new from last week)

    If anyone can give me any tips for all these plants the advice would be welcome.

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    I seem to be posting in this journal by myself... ...still, I'm going to keep it for my own record.

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    Spent four hours last night changing the substrate to ADA Malaya soil. The plants should be happier now. My process was fairly well planned, I had the fish in a bucket with the heater and an air stone, but I made two errors of judgement.

    1. I did not anticipate how well cherry barbs can leap out of buckets (even ones that are covered by a large book - they can still aim for the tiny gap!) Two barbs had to be recaught from the floor during this process...luckily they seem no worse for wear after their ordeal. Need to get a proper lid for next time.

    2. Only after removing everything and getting down to the swirling mucky gravel stage in the bottom of the tank did I remember the two assassin snails. One was in the gravel but I couldn't find the other one. After lifting up the big piece of wood I had removed an hour ago the other poor assassin was discovered, having dropped off the wood onto the towel on the floor. I'm not sure it survived.

    Pics will follow later. I think it looks quite nice, although it's far less striking than the white coral sand.

    Having previously used ADA Amazonia in my nano tank I was a bit paranoid about ammonia leaching (Amazonia is terrible for this) but Malaya, as I had read in reviews, is happily not doing this. Tests this morning are zero. Fish are safe.

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    Great journal Firefly! Your tank looks stunning both ways you've had it set up. Those Daffodils were lovely.

    I'm glad you're enjoying your cories because I never see a whif of mine. I had 13 Sterbai's and still as soon as I approached the tank they all vanished. Might get rid of them. No point having a fish you don't see.

    Love the feeding frenzy shot. :)

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    Thanks very much. My sterbais are more shy than the peppered cories but not so much that I don't see them. Do you have plenty of cover for them?

    I think my "dead" assassin snail recovered as I couldn't find a trace of it this morning. Last night it was lying at the front of the tank against the it's gone. I guess it survived its hour out of water

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