Hi I'm new. We dont actually have any fish but are seriously considering. My daughter has great aspirations of becoming a marine biologist. So we would like to set up a tank for her. I was thinking 40 gallon. So I guess where do I begin. In the little bit I've read it seems a bit tricky getting started. So I was hoping for some recommendations. I would like to have live plants and as many different fish as possible. So I guess my questions are what type of filter? What kind of heat? WHat kind of light? What kind of fish and how many? I'm assuming some like to be with there own kind and others not so much and what kind of fish can coexist? What plants and other things should go in. We saw some fresh water jelly fish at a store that she really liked. Do they work with other fish? How about frogs can they go in with fish. Any snails or algae eaters? I think that is it for the moment. Any help would be appreciated. Anything else I am missing as well?