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    Smile Low Light Plants

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    What low light plants have you had luck with? Any fast growing low light plants you have had luck with? Guidelines 1.5 watts per gallon or under. No co2 used. No ferts used. Obviously Java fern and anubias are one anything else?
    10 Gallon Nano Tank

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    Crypts have worked the best for me. Altho java fern and java moss are listed as low light, mine don't do well at all. Oh, and the anubias is doing well. I do add ferts tho.

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    I have crypts as well they do good but very slow growers. I think the key with Java fern is not to plant it to far down. Idk that is what has worked for me. my argentenian swords have done well. Jungle val is doing ok. I just am looking for some new plants.
    10 Gallon Nano Tank

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    Java fern is not supposed to be planted at all. My crypts are going nuts. I started with 3 plants and now have got to have 60 of them and some 10" high.

    I often wonder why people say moss is so easy to grow. Mine doesn't die but it doesn't grow either.

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    Me too my moss is not dying but I can never get it to grow. I have heard that about java fern but I would say plant it a little bit. I have had like 9 new plants come off of it. maybe my crypts need to root a little more. Have you ever kept anacharis or wisteria?
    10 Gallon Nano Tank

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    Java moss is hit and miss for me, Some tanks it grow like crazy some barely at all.

    I agree crypts grow [but slowly] and I also have Argentinian swords that just keep on going. :-D.
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    I have to say the plants I bought out of those tubes worked well that is where I got.the swords fern.
    10 Gallon Nano Tank

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    I'm currently being over-run by jungle vals in my 90 gallon. I've just cut back my lighting to just over 1 watt per gallon of 6700K lighting in a effort to slow their growth.

    I am not using any ferts but I do have a substrate made up of a mixture of flourite and sand
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
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    Hi, starting to use fertilizer...on hand I have flourish, flourish excel, and flourish iron. At one point, Lady Hobbs(I think), told me to use Leaf Zone. No one carries it in town and I have these others on hand. So, Seachem has this dosing chart at . I know I don't have to use everything it calls to use, but can I get some pointers from you guys? They say to fert. everyday?! That seems a bit this what you do? My plants are small, but seem to be growing at a somewhat slow rate. I dosed Thursday with 1/2 cap of flourish and 1/2 cap of flourish iron.
    Plants: 3 different types of Anubias, banana plants, Marble Queen Radican Sword, Ozelot Sword, Amazon Sword, Red Wendtii, onion plants

    I see some definite growth on my larger red wendtii since fertilizing Thursday. I was thinking about fertilizing again today after 50% w/c and vac. What are your thoughts? I don't want to overdose, but looking at the Seachem chart which calls for daily doses...don't see how I could by fertilizing a couple times a week. What do you do? How often do you dose and with what?

    7.0 ph, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 10 nitrates
    26 gal. bow w/ temps 80-82
    aquarium gravel/sand sub

    I am running 2 filters; stock Aqueon and Aqua Clear 50 and several airstones.
    Thanks very much for your thoughts!

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    Oops I may have highjacked a thread didn't mean to, but got distracted and forgot to start a new thread. sorry

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